March 31, 2019 Sunday Hope Town, Elbow Cay to Lynyard Cay 23.1 nautical miles.

26°21’30.8″N 76°59’03.7″W
26.358555, -76.984368
Elevation: 0 ft

Along the Way

Today was a blast. We connected up with other Looper boats THE BLESSING (Jay and Barbara), LETS GO (Marshall and Judy) and KNOT JUST DREAMING (Shawn and Cindy). The flotilla was off with THE BLESSING Jay as the Commodore heading out to snorkel a blue hole.

Getting to the blue hole area was the start of the adventure. We needed to take our dingys about 1.5 miles towards shore, past rocks and through skinny water. It was not a straight shot in.

Blue Hole:
26°20’42.3″N 77°01’48.4″W
26.345081, -77.030100

There were a lot of fish and a big old turtle in the blue hole. Mary also saw a big eel. The water in the hole was chilly but the water all around it was warm.

Dang I miss my underwater camera. Too bad I fried it ☹ The blue hole pictures would have been awesome. I tried talking pictures with my regular camera but they just didn’t turn out.

We flotilla-ed on to Pete’s Pub and Gallery in Little Harbour. This was not a straight shot either. After securely anchoring the big boats we took the dingys around Tom Curry’s Point and into the harbor. Swells from the Atlantic were crashing into the point. We needed to circumnavigate the
Tom Curry’s Point with great care … in our little dingys.

Last, we relocated to Lynyard Cay for an overnight sleep over. The anchorage was full (boating barometer 20 boats) but we nestled right in there with them.


Sterno keep flies away. We didn’t have problems with flies in the Bahamas until we hit the northern end of Eleuthera. The Abacos has flies to. Restaurants and bars set lighted sterno cans on your table when you sit down. At first Mary thought it was to keep you warm. But why would they do that when it was 80 degrees?

Drolleries and Yuks

The best channel 16 radio calls we heard today were:
— Fish Camp calling Home Fries
— Tenacity calling Stubborn

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