Birds on the Brain

Birds on the Brain

March 28, 2019 Thursday Marsh Harbour Marina, Jib Room, Marsh Harbor, Abacos   0 nautical miles.

26°32’49.0″N 77°03’13.8″W
26.546930, -77.053841
Elevation: 0 ft

Along the Way

Mary was on a mission today. She wanted to see the brass sculpture foundry in Little Harbour and the Abaco parrots found in the southern Great Abaco Island pine forests. The Abaco parrot is a subspecies of the Cuban Parrot.

First stop breakfast.

Mary had the traditional Bahamian breakfast or yellow grits and steamed corned beef. The steam corned beef was kinda like sloppy joe meat. Dale had the traditional american breakfast.

Road to Little Harbour

Little Harbour

Little Harbour is an artist community centered around the Johnston family brass foundry and sculptures.

Abaco National Park and Abaco Parrot Preserve is on the south east side of the island. The park has parrots, wild horses and wild pigs. (of which we saw none).
25°59’36.5″N 77°17’23.7″W
25.993476, -77.289908
The road we wanted to take said 4 wheel drive only. No rental cars. Below is the good road, the road we took. I really wonder what the other one looked like.

Sandy Point on the south west side the island.
26°01’50.4″N 77°24’05.6″W
26.030659, -77.401558

Other points along the way

We toured (were chauffeured in a golf cart) Schooner Bay to see the man-made island and marina.  The community thinks itself so exclusive you cannot take picture of it. The prime minister of the Bahamas owns a cottage on the little island. It sleeps 4-6 and rents for $350 a night. The marina has transient slips and would be a good Looper stop if a waypoint is needed between Marsh Harbour and Eleuthera.
Schooner Bay’s visions is to be a self sustaining community some day. Eleven years into the project and they are still a LONG ways off. The community looks a bit like the gulf coast of Florida. If you are shopping for unaffordable housing, go with Florida. You get more bang for you buck.

We never saw a darn parrot the entire trip 🙁 The locals said it was a little too windy for them to be moving around. The closest we saw ….

Consolation prize was spotting this wild pig (He was not inside the park).

One amazing thing about driving around the island is that there is NO road kill along the sides of the road. I haven’t seen any deer, rabbits, squirrels or other rodents. I’m not sure what there is to hit other than chickens.

Speed bumps. Great Abaco Island is speed bump crazy! In some areas you can hardly drive more than 1,000 feet to .2 miles with out hitting a speed bump. Little Harbour had the best speed bumps. Large, 4 inch diameter sections of rope.

Nauti Words

Cup of Joe – This was named after Josephus Daniels who was secretary of the Navy under Woodrow Wilson.  One of the changes that he made was the abolishment of the officer’s wine mess aboard Navy Ships.  From that point on, the strongest drink aboard a Navy ship was coffee.  Sailors eventually started referring to the caffeine laced drink as “Cup of Joe”.

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