Westward Ho

Westward Ho

March 27, 2019 Wednesday Marsh Harbour Marina, Jib Room, Marsh Harbor, Abacos   0 nautical miles.

26°32’49.0″N 77°03’13.8″W
26.546930, -77.053841
Elevation: 0 ft

Along the Way

We rented a car and headed west (and north).

At first there was a lot of tall pine slowly switching over to the othern kinds of trees and foliage. All the pine trees did surprise us. None of the other Bahamas Islands had pines. It was still all pretty much scruffy and rocky.

Little Abacos

Picture Break

Our Buick rental car came with unlimited mileage. Not sure if that is because the odometer is not working or Great Abacos is not big enough to have a concern about excessive miles on rental cars. All the safety warning lights were on in the car but the air condition worked and it drove well.

The hardware store in the picture below is about the size of my living room in Lake Elmo.

Westward Ho! Crown Haven, the western tip of Little Abaco. You can’t drive any further west than this.
26°54’40.9″N 77°49’12.6″W
26.911371, -77.820153

Return trip

The Bahamian government built a new port north of Cooper’s Town, Great Abaco. It was completed several years ago but never opened.

Cooper’s Town had sidewalks! A rarity for small towns (most towns) in the Bahamas. New side walks running the entire length of the main road. We are guessing they were put in about the time the new port was built………

Treasure Cay is an exclusive community and probably all white. Million dollar homes and a golf course. I have to wonder, if you had that much money why did you get a house here? All the Bahamas have to offer is crappy land and beautiful water. It’s a better deal to get a house on the gulf side of Florida.

I skipped the pictures of unaffordable housing at Treasure Cay. I did like the below.

Affordable housing. The homes either look like the the ones below or they are well over $1,000,000. There is not a lot of middle ground. We read a local free paper and it had about 8 pages at the end with $1 million plus homes for sale. None of them looked like the ones below. I found the boards over the window interesting. At least half of the houses had them. I’m guessing it is protection from the wind. When people are home the front doors are wide open to let the air in. As we drove by we could see people through the doorways doing things inside. For the most part no lights were on inside. Probably too expensive. There were people walking to the local R/O water faucets to fill containers to talk home.


The Exhumas had an abundance of junk boat trailers. I can understand that. Someone gets a new boat and it gets shipped in on a trailer. Then what do you do with the trailer one you put the boat in the water? The islands are so small you aren’t going to pull it around. Here in the Abacos there is an abundance or junked cars kinda like in the poorer areas in the southern USA, like Arkansas.

We stopped at a little restaurant The Bae on the west side of Great Abaco.
The view was pretty. (We don’t know the people in the picture.)
26°33’45.2″N 77°08’15.8″W
26.562546, -77.137708
The view was pretty. (We don’t know the people in the picture.)


Sign from Budda’s, Spanish Wells

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