Show a little backbone

Show a little backbone

March 23, 2019 Saturday Papa Docks, Spanish Wells, St. George’s Cay, Eleuthera  0 nautical miles.

25°32’34.7″N 76°45’38.2″W
25.542958, -76.760596
Elevation: 0 ft

Mary loves it here!

Along the Way

Waiting for the Dunmore Town, Harbour Island ferry

18th-century houses painted in watercolor pastels line the narrow lanes ringing the Dunmore Town harbor. 

Heading into Dunmore Town from the Government Dock

Mary’s first stop was the famous Authurs Bakery in the old town area for a turnover and to get the jalapeno cheese bread.
Wessely Methodist Church built in 1843.

Pink Sands Hotel for the rich and famous. One bedroom one person starts at $850 per night.

About town. There must be over 1000 golf carts in this town.

Valentines Marina. This is the big fancy marina on Harbour Island.

Return trip to Spanish Wells

Harbour Island is Bahamas prettiest island we’ve visited, hands down. Dunmore Town is lush and green due to imported plants and trees I’m sure. …. Pallet of sod delivered and waiting to be picked up.

Mary still love Spanish Harbor the best!

Chinese Tourists


And what to my wondering eyes should appear?  Canadian blow boats POLAR BEAR and MUSKOKA MOON. POLAR BEAR is in this picture. We’ve been bumping into them off and on since we arrived in the Bahamas Feb 3.


Grocery Shopping. A liter bottle of vodka is $10.10. A half gallon of orange juice is $12.88. We bought the vodka.

Billionaire Bill Gates has the only house on Harbour Island with gates. 

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