Parrot Fish Poop

Parrot Fish Poop

February 25, 2019 Monday Rachel’s Bubble Bath, Compass Cay, Exhumas to  Belle Island, Exuma Parks, Exhumas 8.3 nautical miles.

24°18’32.6″N 76°33’06.5″W
24.309068, -76.551796
Elevation: 0 ft

Along the Way

Compass Cay Mangrove Creek

The Exumas Land and Sea Park – Plane Wreck off O’Brien Cay

The Exumas Land and Sea Park – The Aquarium off O’Brien Cay

The Exumas Land and Sea Johnny Depp’s private island – Little Hall’s Pond Cay (near O’Brien Cay)


This starfish looks like a cookie. It is about the size of a 12″ dinner plate.


The beautiful sandy beaches in the Bahamas are courtesy of the Parrot fish. Parrot fish poop sand. They eat algae that grows on ­coral rock, munching pieces of coral in the process which is digested and released (pooped), as much as one ton of sand a year.

The Parrot Fish Poop song

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