Ok, a cloudy day

Ok, a cloudy day

February 11, 2019 Monday Fowl Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas     0 nautical miles

25°36’49.0″N 77°44’12.5″W
25.613611, -77.736814
Elevation: 0 ft

About 6:00 am we saw a cruise ship crossing on the Atlantic side. It was a little rolly and a little dark…

Not all days are sunny but they are still great. Our anchorage is still in a sweet spot for the weather. The wind is still 20+ mph. We’ve thought a couple of times about pulling up the anchor and dropping it a little closer to Fowl Cay for a bit smoother anchorage. The thing is that our anchor is holding. Best not to mess with what is working. We’ll take the rollies and the surge.

The neighbors, not in a sweet spot left this morning in heavy winds.  I wish them a save journey. I wouldn’t have left!

Along the Way

High Tide. We went in hunt of the Berry Island Inlet blue hole.  We never discovered the blue hole. Instead we concluded there is no single blue hole but there are a lot of deep crevices, sudden drop offs into infinity.

Our big high tide event was to venture up a creek on the west side of Hoffman Island. The first thing we saw was a shark guarding the entrance. And then Mary got her camera out.

We saw a couple more birds today one that resembled a grey heron and one that resembled a white heron.



(sorry kids) 😮

Drolleries and Yuks

A ship load of blue crashed into a ship load of red paint. The crews were marooned.

Stupid joke Mary! You get the berries for that one.

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