Beach Club

Beach Club

February 6, 2019 Wednesday Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas 0 nautical miles.

25°45’49.2″N 77°53’00.4″W
25.763656, -77.883432
Elevation: 0 ft

What to do? What to do? What to do?   I got it! Let’s go to the Beach Club!

Actually decision making was a littler harder than that. We were debating moving to the other side of the island and decided it might not provide enough shelter from the wind. So we walked there 2.5 miles to the Beach Club.

Along the Way

We dingyed into the Government Dock. It was a bee hive. The mail/delivery boat was in and being unloaded. We headed off on foot to find the beach, 2-3 miles away. The shops along the roadway were shacks with a simple hand painted sign identifying what they were selling.

We asked a young woman on the street for directions to the ‘Beach House’ bar/grill. She very surprised we had planned to walk that far and told us to just ask someone for a ride.  She said that the police station was just up a couple of blocks and they would surely give us a ride if we asked. We didn’t.

About 3/4s of the way to the beach and some old guy pulled over and asked if we wanted a ride. Dale climbed in so Mary followed.

The ‘Beach House’ bar/grill had free internet. That’s why you got yesterdays blog post. 😊 Mary had her first Goomba Punch, the rum drink the Bahamas is known for, and a Bahama Mama. (Please excuse yesterday’s miss-spellings).

After roaming the beach for a while we started to walk back to the boat.

The Rat Pack in the 1960’s had a hotel/hide away here off the Atlantic side beach in Great Harbor Cay. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Laford, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr, Angie Dickenson, Cary Grant, Bridget Bardot, Walter Cronkite and other spent their time there. Today it is in shambles. We roamed through the building. We could tell that at one time it must have been an awesome place. The only thing that remains is the golf course.

Mary stopped at a roadside patio to watch a couple men clean conch. Dale bought ice from the guys sister’s store across the road. He then inquired if either of them could give us a lift back to the Government Dock. Tada! We had a ride. The young woman was right. Just ask.

We were back on the boat before 6:00 pm when the evening conch shells were blown.

Great Harbor Cay – Sunset


Rum punch can be made in various ways, but this ditty helps you recall the basics. One part of lime juice (sour); two parts of sugar syrup or a sweet juice like orange or pineapple (sweet); three parts rum (strong); and four parts water or any lighter juice (weak).


We used a different camera today and it didn’t work as well as Mary’s good camera. The battery immediately died, missing many of the really good pictures.

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