Bahamas Bound!

Bahamas Bound!

February 3, 2019 Sunday Riviera Beach Marina, on Lake Worth, Riviera Beach, FL to Old Bahama Bay Marina, West End, Grand Bahama 59.6 nautical miles.

26°42’03.4″N 78°59’29.4″W
26.700947, -78.991487
Elevation: 0 ft

The big day and of course we overslept. We had planned to leave at first light. It was 8:00 am before we were underway. Oh well.

*Still working on getting the data plan set up. It may be a while till the next post because we don’t have plans to stay in a marina for a while.

Along the Way

We couldn’t have asked for a better traveling day.   Swells under 2 feet 7-8 seconds apart with a slight following sea. As soon as we were in the Atlantic the water turned deep blue. We booked along at about 10 knots except for the time we dropped it down so Dale could fish for a while.

Eventually we caught up with other Bahamas bound boats, by passing all the sailboats and some of the slow boats. At one time we counted 11 pleasure vessels in the horizon. Most of them were sailboats.

Today I learned the depth finder doesn’t record depths over 1500 feet.

Traffic jam in the middle of the Atlantic.

Port of Entry West End, Grand Bahama

West End, Grand Bahama
West End, Grand Bahama – Coming into Old Bahama Bay Marina on left, customs office on right. Yellow quarantine flag on the bow.
West End, Grand Bahama – Walking to customs office. Yes Dear looks pretty small. We all have our yellow quarantine flags up.
West End, Grand Bahama – Customs cleared! Bahamas courtesy flag
West End, Grand Bahama – Conch salad. There was an older gentleman selling conch salad on the marina docks for $10 a bowl. Mary felt obligated to buy a bowl.
West End, Grand Bahama – Bull shark between the bow the boat and the dock. The water in the picture is about 15 feet deep.
West End, Grand Bahama – Sailboats in marina with courtesy flags. The customs office is the yellow building in the background.
West End, Grand Bahama – There is abosolutely nothing in West End except these condos, a beach bar, the marina and customs.
West End, Grand Bahama – Sunset


Power boat flags and etiquette.  The highest place of honor goes to your country’s flag and is typically flow from the stern on a power boat.

You must fly a solid yellow Q (quarantine flag) upon entry to territorial waters from another country, about 3 miles out. The Q flag is immediately swapped out for the country’s courtesy flag once customs is cleared.

Courtesy flags are generally flown on the bow or starboard bow of a power boat, never on the portside.  Your country’s flag cannot be flow on the same pole as your host country’s courtesy flag. Doing so is an indication the two countries are at war.

Quarantine comes from the Latin word for 40, which was the number of a days a ship had to wait to dock because of the plague.

3 thoughts on “Bahamas Bound!

  1. So now you’ve entered foriegn water
    Best you do only what you oughter
    Don’t be talkin bout being from Rice street
    Dem boys down dare dey don geeve a sheet
    We don wan to be reedin bout any weird dramas
    Wit you an da missus down in da bahamas
    Pretty damn cool how far you’ve gone
    So I say wit respec keep on carrying on

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