October 30, 2018 Tuesday   Dog River Marina, Mobile Bay, Mobile, AL     0 nautical miles

30°34’05.1″N 88°05’32.5″W
30.568088, -88.092370
Elevation: -2 feet

Good Morning!

Dale’s brother Bruce and his wife Dianna (Perky) are joining us for the next leg to Florida. They drove through the night to get here.  Thank goodness they called when they got into northern Mobile. HA! Dale had to shag Mary out of bed so she would be up when Bruce and Perky arrived.

Dog River Marina, AL – Ahoy Bruce and Perky!!!! Where are we going to fit all your stuff??!#??

New Chain!

The new chain we ordered from West Marine last week was delivered today in a 50 gallon drum. I was quite relieved when we opened it to discover the chain only occupied the lower 1/8 of the drum.

New anchor chain! Marking 20 foot lengths (so we know how much we are letting out when we drop the anchor), unhooking the old chain from the rope (it took a committee), unhooking the old chain from the anchor and then hooking the new chain to the anchor.

Geeked!  Can’t wait to anchor out.  We went on a reconnaissance mission to Dauphin Island to check out places to anchor when we leave here.

Props are back!

Props repaired! Dang they are pretty. The get put on the boat at 7:00 am tomorrow.

Brain Clutter

The exact origins of the word “ahoy” aren’t known beyond that it stems from this Middle English exclamation, “hoy!” The most popular theory as to the origin of “hoy” is that it derives from the Dutch word “hoi”, meaning “hello”.

Alexander Graham Bell used the old maritime greeting: ‘Ahoy!’ as a telephone greeting.  It was Edison who equipped the first telephone exchanges, so he ended up having the last say. Edison preferred ‘Hello!’.

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