Some days not much happens

Some days not much happens

October 29, 2018 Monday   Dog River Marina, Mobile Bay, Mobile, AL     0 nautical miles

30°34’05.1″N 88°05’32.5″W
30.568088, -88.092370
Elevation: -2 feet

Some days not much happens (no pictures today but there are stories)

Today was spent changing oil, cleaning the kitchen and scrubbing all the crud from going through the locks off the fenders.

Dales’ highlight was fishing! He caught lots of spec trout and a big blue crab.

But this is not why you read our blog ……

Story Time

Sanitation and Pump Outs – One of the first things we did when we came into the marina was try to pump out all the ‘Black Water’ from our holding tank. (Black Water  = Poop) Unfortunately the marina septic pump wasn’t functioning. Our septic light came on about 2 days ago. This means that we haven’t been able to use use our toilets. The septic pump in the marina STILL isn’t working!!!!  Who knows when it will be fixed!

There are 3 marinas in this area and NONE of them have a functioning septic pump. We have to walk to the marina toilet any time we need to tinkle or worse. Mary really hates the 2 AM run. Glad no pictures????????

Insider Tip – Jimmy Buffet will be in town to visit his sister Lucy sometime this week. When he is in town he always plays at his crazy sister’s restaurant Lulu’s. Dang I hope he’s there when we go through later this week!

The Dog River area is the original Mobile, AL. As Mobile grew it moved north to where it is now.

Jimmy Buffet’s childhood home is just up river. The old timers around here talk about him learning to water ski right out in front of where our boat is parked.  BTW the area just to the north of us is called Alligator Bayou.

Ponder This

Q: What kind of music do mummy’s listen to?

A: Wrap

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