The decision is ….

The decision is ….

October 26, 2018 Friday   Dog River Marina, Mobile Bay, Mobile, AL     0 nautical miles

30°34’05.1″N 88°05’32.5″W
30.568088, -88.092370
Elevation: -2 feet

Some of you might have been aware Mary is on a sabbatical from work. BSC benefits allowed her to take 90 days for a personal sabbatical.  These past 82 days have given her the opportunity to see if Looping really works for her and the family. She is kinda of a workaholic and having family close is pretty important to her. The aftermath of Hurricane Michael has also been a discussion point. Her choice this morning was get a rental car and head north to Minnesota or get back on the boat.

NO MORE FLIP FLOPPING!!!!!!!!! Mary finally made a decision.  She is still here on the boat tonight and retiring from work.

Mark Twain : “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore! Dream! Discover!”

 Good Morning!

Dog River Marina, Mobile Bay, Mobile, AL – Breakfast on the Boat – Now that we have 2 fresh loaves of Dave’s Amazing Bread from Costco we needed to figure out what to do with the 3/4 loaf of bread we had. Answer: Oven baked french toast with using fresh berries.

Courtesy Car

Dash to Dauphin Island. Dauphin Island is between Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Dauphin Island, Mobile Bay, AL – West end at high tide the roads flood. Sand drifts around the houses and streets
Dauphin Island, Mobile Bay, AL – Snow removal….. I mean sand removal.
Dauphin Island, Mobile Bay, AL – High tide and too much sand.
Dauphin Island, Mobile Bay, AL – We were drawn in to the fish market by a sign that read ‘Hot shrimp and crab bisque’. We also bought a pound of fresh shrimp. To our surprise the clerk asked if we wanted them spiced and steamed. Sure why not. We pulled around the corner to a little park to eat the shrimp and bisque. Best shrimp we have EVER eaten.

Later on towards evening

Dauphin Island, Mobile Bay, AL – Dale caught and released a bunch of brown trout
Dauphin Island, Mobile Bay, AL – We were surprised to see our friends from boat GELUK. They are staying in the next over marina and were out for a dingy ride.

Brain Clutter
Noun. nurdle (plural nurdles) A blob of toothpaste shaped like a wave, often depicted on tooth paste packaging.
~ Wiktionary

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  1. congratulations on your retirement Mary. Now you can really enjoy your boatcation!

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