At the River’s End

At the River’s End

October 23, 2018 Tuesday   Alabama River Cutoff, mile 52.8  to  Dog River Marina, Mobile Bay, Mobile, AL      67.7 nautical miles

30°34’05.1″N 88°05’32.5″W
30.568088, -88.092370
Elevation: -2 feet

We haven’t been able to get phone or internet service for 4 days, since 19 Oct 18. Catching up today with multiple postings.

Our fresh water engines got their first taste of salt water today. They didn’t puke.

Good Morning!

Tombigbee Black Warrior Waterway – Slower boats leave first.  There aren’t a lot of really good anchorages between Demopolis, AL and Mobile, AL.  Slower boats need to leave early to make sure they have enough daylight to get from one anchorage to another.  Looper boat BRIZO is leaving.  As you can see the anchorages are often narrow.

Along the way

Tombigbee Black Warrior Waterway – Spider scene from the Titanic
Tombigbee Black Warrior Waterway – Barge tanks. I always take a picture whenever I see something different on a barge …
Tombigbee Black Warrior Waterway – Steel plant – working barge

Mobile River

Mobile River mile 45.0 – First Look. Room to go around tow boats now! The size of the river doubled (at least for a while)
Mobile River mile 45.0 – Looking back at the Tombigbee Black Warrior Waterway – Alabama River confluence
Mobile River – Pig Tails! Herd of wild pig. We saw several herds down by the rivers edge. As soon as they saw boats the ran off so it was really hard to get a good picture.
Mobile River swamp land – Northern area – Cudso vine on some of the trees. Cudso is an invasive species
Mobile River – Gas pipeline canal cut through the swamp
Mobile River Industrial area before it got real swampy.  It was real stinky around here.
Mobile River (Tombigee Waterway) Navionics chart. We are entering from the north west corner at at mile 24 – Interstate 65 going east west across the middle of the chart. The north south ‘line’ ahead of the arrow is the direction our boat is headed.
There is a lot of non-navigable water for a larger boat such as ours. Good for fishing boats.
Mobile River I65 bridge mile 24. Not just a bridge. It is an elevated roadway over the of the swamp.
Mobile River swamp land
Mobile River swamp land
Mobile River swamp land
Mobile River swamp land
Mobile River swamp land – Rail Road line

Welcome to Mobile, AL

The following pictures are from the north side of Mobile, AL heading south into the city

Mobile River – First view of Mobile, AL. Across the swamp.
Mobile River – Entering Mobile, AL from the north
Mobile River – Entering Mobile, AL from the north
Mobile River – Entering Mobile, AL from the north
Mobile River – Entering Mobile, AL from the north – coal
Mobile River – Tow Boat. Must be headed for the steel plant up river
Mobile River – Entering Mobile, AL from the north
Mobile River – Entering Mobile, AL from the north

Downtown Mobile

Mobile, AL – Mini Me buildings. There are two that look alike but one is much smaller.  The large one is the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) Battle House Tower. It is the tallest building in Alabama.  The mini me building is the Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel.
Mobile, AL – Convention Center

Mobile River mile 0.0 –  The waterway ends where Government Street passes under the Mobile River as a tunnel.


Naval Shipyard

This was the coolest part of going through Mobile, AL on the river!

Mobile, AL – Naval Shipyard – Austal is an Australian company that has a contract to build 11 Independence-class littoral combat ship. 
The ship has a maximum speed of more than 40 knots, a 28,000-square-foot mission bay, and a flight deck capable of holding two H-60 helicopters. One of the ships is named Gabrielle Giffords (LCS 10).
Mobile, AL – Naval Shipyard – The ship is designed for flexibility.  It can handle cargo or war helicopters. It also has missiles to defend itself.  The helm is controlled by a joy stick instead of a traditional wheel.
Mobile, AL – Naval Shipyard. The vessels are moved about .5 mile down river to finish the rigging and detailed work. Zoom out and you can see the cannons added to the top deck.

Go Google it!!

Heading south out of Mobile into Mobile Bay

Mobile Bay, Roller Coaster loading ramp
Mobile River – Dry Dock. These finger sections are actually dry docks, platforms submerged and ready for a ship.
Mobile River , Dry dock – Waiting for a lift
Mobile River – Container Ship loading
Mobile River – Cargo Ship loading – Cargo bay covers are collapsed like ping pong ball tables on the deck of the ship
Mobile Bay – Entrance Mobile, AL – Looking south down the Mobile River as we exit into Mobile Bay
Mobile Bay – Entrance Mobile, AL – Looking north up the Mobile River as we enter into Mobile Bay
Mobile Bay, Attach of the birds. They think we are a fishing boat

Dog River Marina

Mobile Bay, Entrance to Dog River
Mobile Bay, Dog River Marina
Mobile Bay, Dog River Marina – Fishing Boat passing while we are on the fuel dock checking in.
Mobile, AL, Dog River Marina – OMG. Look who else popped up at the fuel dock. It’s kayak Steve! We first met him at Clifton Marina
Mobile Bay, Dog River Marina from restaurant across the river. Yes Dear is the boat furthest left

Brain Clutter

Sorry no entry today.  My brain is too cluttered to do anything after trying to catch up on the daily blog posts.


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