A walk in the woods

A walk in the woods

October 19, 2018 Friday   Kingfisher Bay Marina, Demopolis, AL Black Warrior-Tombigbee Waterway mile 216.2     0 nautical miles

2°31’50.9″N 87°50’31.1″W
32.530812, -87.841964
Elevation: 86 feet

First the bottom line info and then the story. We are off to Mobile, AL tomorrow. It will take about 4 days to get there.  The area does not have good cell service because it is so remote.  You might not here from us for a couple of days so don’t panic.

A walk in the woods

Milton from Looper boat HERE’S AN IDEA took us on a native  trees and plants nature walk this morning. The next few pics are trees native to this area that we don’t find in Minnesota.

Demopolis, AR native trees nature walk -Loblolly Pine. You can tell a Loblolly pine by its needles. There have three needles in a bundle and one is twisted. They have a large cellular structure which makes the good for making high quality cardboard.
Demopolis, AR native trees nature walk -China Berry. Frank, the guy who own the two marinas here, said when he was a boy they used to make pop guns and use these for the pellets.         Fore runner of the paint ball guns????
Demopolis, AR native trees nature walk -Sycamore – Smooth mottled greenish-white, gray and brown bark. Beautiful trees.
Demopolis, AR native trees nature walk -Cypress. The 5 pyramid shaped woody things to the right of the cypress tree base are called cypress knees. A cypress knee is a distinctive structure forming above the roots of a cypress tree. Their function is unknown, but they are generally seen on trees growing in swamps.
Demopolis, AR native trees nature walk -Wetland Oak. Believe it or not this is an OAK, a wetland oak. There are over 500 kinds of wetland oaks. The leaves don’t really resemble the red oak leaves and the white oak leaves we see in Minnesota. The leaves are about the size of your pointer finger.

Out and About

Black Warrior River – NONNI’s owners are from Australia. They had a bit of a tough go of it. She burnt and sank about 2:00 am a couple of days ago. All that is visible is some part of the rail and a fiber glass chunk. I’m hoping they made it off the boat with their passports. What a disaster. (Another Looper shared this picture with me)
Looper boat NONNI – Today NONNI  is on dry dock in the boat storage areas (what’s left). The 17 Oct 18 blob post has a picture of a US Boat tow going out. This is what it went to get. Fuel cans, crumble railing and melted fiberglass. The BoatUS tow put a back hoe on the barge it was pushing, when out and pulled it out of the river. Rumor has it the owners were novices and possibly not keeping up on the required maintenance. Bummer.
Demopolis Yacht Basin – Dry dock storage lot live aboards – Some people live in their boat all year round whether it is in the water or not. Electricity and water is set-up just like a trailer park. I find this a little strange, but then again I’m not from the area.
Demopolis Yacht Basin is a big time fuel dock for tow boats moving up and down the Tombigee and Black Warrier Rivers. Tugs tie off their barges up river on Federal Moorings then come down to the dock for fuel. By the looks of these metal pilings some of them must come in pretty hard. It’s not unusual for a tow boat to put in 24,500 gallons of fuel.
Kingfisher Bay Marina Demopolis, AL – Spider free light post! The people who work here wash the spiders off every week or so. I certainly appreciate it!
Kingfisher Bay Marina Demopolis, AL – Heating up the swimming pool. They use a log burning heater to heat it up.
Kingfisher Bay Marina Demopolis, AL Getting ready for the run to Mobile.- Fuel filter change. We also check and clean the water intakes. They had duck weed in them. (Mary helped)


Brain Clutter

Spiders and lobsters belong to the invertebrate phylum Arthropoda.  In the 19th century, it was considered cruel and unusual punishment to serve lobster to prisoners, as lobsters were basically the 1800s equivalent of rats.

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  1. Hi from the southern Tobins. Perk and Bruce just got back and told Laura and I the website you two were using. Looks like a fun trip. It’s starting to cool down here in the low 80s very little humidity.nice! The red tide has come around the bottom of Florida and up our coast. It should be gone by the time you get here! Everybody good . Date 10-21-18

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