Michigan’s Mitten Middle Finger

Michigan’s Mitten Middle Finger

14-Jun-2021 Monday Alpena Municipal Marina, Alpena MI to Cheyboygan County Marina, Cheyboygan MI (84.5 nautical miles 97.3 statute miles)

45°22’38.2″N 84°57’37.1″W
45.377284, -84.960293
Elevation: 582 feet     Elevation change: 3 feet
States (1): Michigan

Along the Way

A light for the way.

Another long run today.  Long runs are hard and when open water, boring. I finished my book a couple of days ago. We were too far out to get internet data. In desperation for something to do, I cleaned.

Overall it was another great run. We did have a over an hour of 2 feet 3 seconds head on swells. That wasn’t so great. It’s on the very edge of the “I don’t like that” zone.


Shortly after we slipped in and showered another Looper couple with a Bayliner (Dan and Gina on Kittiwake) stopped by. That led to great conversations and story swapping. Then another Looper couple stopped by. Imagine our surprise to see Dan and June on Subject to Change. We had met them on our first Loop in Canada. They are traveling slow and still on their first Loop.

Dale and I never made it to see downtown Cheyboygan. I heard it was cute.

Tonight we are at the tip of the middle finger of the left hand Michigan mitten.



Ponder This

Do gun manuals have a trouble-shooting section?

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