Pure Michigan

Pure Michigan

15-Jun-2021 Tuesday Cheyboygan County Marina, Cheyboygan MI to Petosky City Marina, Petoskey MI (60.1 nautical miles 69.2 statute miles)

45°22’38.2″N 84°57’37.1″W
45.377284, -84.960293
Elevation: 579 feet     Elevation change: =3 feet
States (1): Michigan

Along the Way

It seems like every time we head towards this bridge it take for ever to get there. This is our third time.

Lake Washing Machine (aka Lake Michigan) is not too bad today. Northern Michigan is real pretty.

All commercial vessels passing under the Mackinac Bridge, through the Mackinac Straits, issue sécurité warnings about 60 minutes so that traffic is kept to a minimal when they cross under the bridge. We heard sécurité warnings all day. Commercial ship traffic was heavy.

Commercial fishing on Lake Michigan is not as prevalent as years ago.


There are 4 big light houses between Waugoshance Point/Island and Hog Island to make sure no one makes a mistake. We ran rogue and didn’t follow the shipping lanes. Less miles and we have a shallower draft.

Little Traverse Bay


Walk about

We stopped to watch a baseball game at Bay Shore Park. I rooted for the Racers because I liked their shirts. I also like the players names on the shirts. Each was a funny nick name. They lost.

Tonight we are at the tip of the ring finger of the left had Michigan mitten.


Lake Huron and Lake Michigan really are one lake.
Lake Huron and Lake Michigan are culturally known as two lakes despite being connected. The splitting point is the Straights of Mackinac.

Nauti Words

Sécurité is a procedure word used in the Maritime radio service that warns the crew that the following message is important safety information. The most common use of this is by coast radio stations before the broadcast of navigational warnings and meteorological information.

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