Michigan’s Mitten Pointer Finger Joint

Michigan’s Mitten Pointer Finger Joint

13-Jun-2021 Sunday Michigan State Harbor, Port Austin MI to Alpena Municipal Marina, Alpena MI (65 nautical miles 74.8 statute miles)

45°03’32.2″N 83°25’37.7″W
45.058944, -83.427142
Elevation: 579 feet     Elevation change: 2 feet
States (1): Michigan

Along the Way

Since we came in after hours last night, this morning I walked over to the harbor master’s to pay for our slip. I love dogs but dogs on the beach make me mad.

I looked around for the owners and was getting ready to yell at it then realized … it wasn’t a real dog.

Just leaving the harbor and the flies are already circling in. Bet I find protein in the bottom of my coffee cup again today 🙁

Fortunately it didn’t get worse.

It was a beautiful run, but a long run across Saginaw Bay (60+ miles). You couldn’t have asked for more exceptional weather.

Alpena lies on the 45th parallel, which means it is HALFWAY to the North Pole. BTW so does Larpenture Ave in St Paul MN.

Tonight we are at the pointer finger middle joint of the left hand Michigan mitten.

Downtown Alpena looked like other smaller lake towns. This building caught my eye.



The map is courtesy of tonight’s NOAA neighbors.

Looks like we might get a little push from the current tomorrow.

Drolleries and Yuks

Why do dogs like to run around in libraries?
~Lots of Tales to chase!

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