Changing of the Colors

Changing of the Colors

10-Jun-2021 Thursday  Village Marina on South Bass Island, Put-In-Bay OH to Alcyone’s dock (Todd and Patty), Gross Isle MI (32.6 nautical miles  37.5 statute miles)

42°06’21.0″N 83°08’59.0″W
42.105824, -83.149727
Elevation: 573 feet Lift 2 feet
States (2): Ohio, Michigan

Along the Way

Leaving Put-In-Bay

Nemesis of the Day

Todd and Patty graciously offered us a place on their wall for the night. We followed them home.

Todd and Patty live in a Wonderland. I wondered if we could make it in and if we did, I wondered if we could make it back out.

Changing of the colors.
Todd and Patty’s Gold Looper Flag was in the mail stack waiting for them at their house. We had the privilege of watching them change their colors.

Thanks Todd and Patty for your hospitality. We’ll see you in Florida.


Centipedes generally avoid water. They can swim for a short while but soon drown due to lack of oxygen. They take in oxygen from the atmosphere thro’ small pores located under their legs.

Drolleries and Yuks

How much room is needed for a fungi to grow?
~As mushroom as possible 

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