The Erie Canal continues to surprise

The Erie Canal continues to surprise

05-JUN-2021 Saturday  Free Wall, Holley NY to Free Dock, Middleport NY (22.8 nautical miles   26.2 statute miles)

43°12’45.3″N 78°28’38.3″W
43.212570, -78.477301
Elevation: 512 feet Rise 0 feet
States (1): New York

Locks (0):

Along the Way

We watched another boat head out this morning before we left. The guy on the bow is holding an upright pole. As long as the pole clears, the boat will clear.

Today’s entire run was above grade. Mind blowing. And windy too. 20 mph wind. I’m glad we are not on Lake Erie today.

Recently reinforced banks or just power washed the rocks?

I’d have loved to stop in Albion for a quick walk about. It’s known for its old churches. Alas, there was no room to tie up with the dredges and barges on the free wall.

Albion was the home of George Pullman, the guy that invented railroad sleeping cars. He got the idea from watching canal boats.

A roaming operator works both the Ingersoll bridge and the Main Street Bridge in Albion.

I somehow messed up my camera. A lot of todays pictures are a blurry. How can you mess up autofocus??
Continuing on.

The Erie Canal continues to surprise with beautiful farmland and orchards.


An Erie Canal surprise!
Near Medina the Erie Canal crosses over Culvert Road on an aqueduct. This is the only place a car can driver under the Erie Canal. It’s not that amazing from above but I bet it is mind blowing to see a boat pass over road on the aqueduct from below.

As Brandi Jo approached the kayakers Dom honked his horn. They scattered like baby Canadian geese being chased.

Back to an area of cement walls. The cement walls are about 3 feet high and have cable mounted for water emergencies (e.g. something to grab on to if you fall out of your boat or have boat trouble). It’s au naturale on the other side.

Medina, another Erie Canal surprise. The north side the canal is an 61 foot embankment. The canal elevation is 512 feet and the land/lake below is 451 feet elevation

Medina is known for its Medina Sandstone, a stone used widely in buildings across the region. Some local examples include the “million dollar grand staircase” at the New York State Capitol in Albany, the Richardson Olmsted Complex in Buffalo, and in buildings at the University of Rochester and Cornell University. Sandstone varies in color from light grey to a deep reddish brown. It can also be found at Buckingham Palace and the the streets of Havana.


On occasion I still need to check the bridge height.


Downtown Middleport is one block long. All the buildings in downtown Middleport, both sides, are owned by one person who is trying to develop it.


Dale read us a bedtime story while we ate our epilogues.

P.S. Dale fixed my camera settings so I’m good to go for tomorrow 🙂

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