I’m liking the Lifts

I’m liking the Lifts

04-JUN-2021 Friday  Free Wall, Spencerport NY to Free Wall, Holley NY (11 nautical miles   12.7 statute miles)

43°13’39.8″N 78°01’15.3″W
43.227713, -78.020925
Elevation: 512 feet Rise 0 feet
States (1): New York

Locks (0):

Along the Way

I’m liking the lift bridges.

Some bridge operators run two bridges. The bridge operator at the Spencerport Union Street Lift Bridge also runs the Adams Basin Lift Bridge ~3 miles away.

Large sections of today’s run ran well above the grade of the land. The Erie Canal, probably like most canals, is truly an engineering marvel. Not only did the early designers have to design the canals across peaks, valleys and flats, they had to identify water sources and build aqueducts to feed the canal. It takes a lot of coordination to keep the water flowing, pools at the correct height and not deplete the water sources.

Bridge inspection. Checkout the outrigger pontoon stabilizers.

Continuing on.

Dale has been “little towned” to death. They all have a head shop, a restaurant, a shitnack store, a grocery store, a Dollar Store and maybe a hardware store. I love them. We stopped at Brockport.

The hardware store in Brockport was a time capsule.

We went to find the Fire Department Museum about 5 blocks away on the edge of town.

Apparently some of the drivers around here have a little difficulty judging the height on the bridge. I understand the problem. It’s the same problem we’ve been dealing with on yes dear… But, so far we’ve been able to clear all these bridges.

The Fire Department Museum was closed.

Diversity in housing

Kayak and other personal craft launching station. I haven’t seen one of these before.

We docked yes dear… on the Holley Canal Park free wall for the night and went off to find the waterfalls.

Canal Park has has this weird thing going on with painted rocks. They are just kinda laying around like Easter Egg or something. A local resident told me I could take one if I wanted. I didn’t.

Holley Canal Falls is one of the more unique and historic waterfalls in New York. It is a man made waterfall and part of the Erie Canal system. When the canal was widened over 100 years old, a water overflow outlet was created in Holley. Water that flows out of the canal plunges off a 35-foot sandstone cliff and makes its way into the East Branch of Sandy Creek.

Canal Park, along the canal

Ponder This

If dentists make their money off bad teeth… why should I trust the toothpaste that 4 out of 5 dentists recommend?

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