Like a dock out of water

Like a dock out of water

02-JUN-2021 Wednesday  Free Wall, Newark NY to City Wall, Fairport NY (17.7 nautical miles  20.4 statute miles)

43°06’03.8″N 77°26’27.5″W
43.101057, -77.440964
Elevation: 462 feet Rise 28 feet
States (1): New York

Locks (2 up):
Lock E29 – Palmyra
Lock E30 – Macedon

Along the Way

First bridge was REALLY low. None of us were paying attention. Good thing we didn’t hit. We were all looking at the street light on the bridge.

Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints in Palmyra in1830.

Lock E29 – Palmyra. Another lock in rough shape.

The aqueduct that feeds the pool between Lock E29 and Lock E30 collapsed about the same time Lock E17 went caput. It’s been stabilized but a lot of rain is needed to fill the aqueduct source. Vessels with a draft of 5 feet or less can plow their way through. Lock E29 provides each vessel locking through with a depth map. It’s a lot worse at the western E30 end than at the eastern E29 end.

Exiting Lock E29.

Like a dock out of water.

At least we didn’t need to worry about bridge height for 1.3 miles until the next lock.

Old Lock 61 from 1862.

Lock E30 – Macedon. Our Lock E17 friend Clyde and his dad got stuck and had to be drug through the shallows. His 5 foot sailboat keel to was too deep and got stuck. A kindly trawler tossed him a line and drug him through. Wonder what his keel looks like now. yes dear… was vertically challenged too. We draft 3’9″. The canal bottom by the wall seemed soft. We didn’t feel any bottom contact but the depth on the depth finder was unsettling.

Free and clear! Whew! This should be just about it for the western Erie Canal challenges. Only four more locks to do until we are out of the Erie Canal.

Long about the Wayneport Road at Wayneport the daymarks are no longer numbered.

I think there were 2 more number signs after these but I didn’t see them.

It’s very different from Florida, but its still “WOW look at that house. WOW look at that house. LOOK at that DOCK”.

The lift bridge at Fairport is in the Guiness Book of World Records for several reasons. One end is higher than the other, it’s built on a slant and no two angles on the entire bridge are exactly the same. Constructed in 1913 it’s been closed for repair since September 2019. DOT hopes it will be complete in June 2021. Think about it. Some poor dude had to figure that all out in 1913 by manual calculations.

Walk about. Dom and Tammy want to go the the Italian Market in town here. We followed. They haven’t steared us wrong yet.

Italian Market. Baccala (codfish). It sure looks like lutefisk to me. They are both dried and salted cod.

Interesting shops

We did a pass through at the Iron Smoke Distillery.

Stopped for a beer at the Triphammer.


Drolleries and Yuks

What’s the leading cause of dry skin?

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