Memorial Day

Memorial Day

31-May-2021 Monday  Ess-Kay Marina, Brewerton NY to Free Wall, Baldwinsville NY (20.1 nautical miles  23.1 statute miles)

43°09’23.2″N 76°20’13.0″W
43.156440, -76.336933
Elevation: 372 feet Rise 3 feet
States (1): New York

Locks (2):
Lock E23 – Brewerton (down)
Lock E24 – Baldwinsville (up)

Remember all those who have sacrificed this Memorial Day.

Greater love has no one but this,
Than to lie down their life for a friend. John 15:13

Along the Way

Woo Woo. They put a sign on the women’s restroom door. It was a little interesting yesterday. I walked into one of the restrooms yesterday turned around and walked out. I figured I was in them men’s because it was painted all blue. As I went to check out the other restroom a guy stepped out of it. He’d checked both of them out and decided to use the one with the urinals. Guess the all blue one must be the women’s.

We were waiting for our neighbors to leamoove. Waiting and waiting and waiting. They are too tall to travel the western side of the Erie Canal and need to use the Oswego Canal. Lock issues on the Oswego Canal are preventing them from continuing on today. They didn’t want to move their boat…
At about 11:00am we asked them to move their boat so we could get out. The captain decided to walk the 110 foot boat back rather than start the engine.

We barely squeezed past.

yes dear… is so dirty again we look like nautical Beverly Hill Billies, especially when dragging The Mooch.

Lock E23 – Brewerton (down)

This is the Three Rivers section of the Erie Canal. We came in on the Oneida River and exited on the Seneca River. The Oswego Canal/River heads north to Lake Ontario here.

We continued west on the Erie Canal following the Seneca River.

Just down from there we found a guy having troubles with his ski jet. We dragged the ski jet back to the party for him. His friends picked him up and dragged ski jet back into the marina.

Today’s Rant
All the docks have aprons on them. I just don’t get why. Further more, why are the boards nailed on vertically? It seems to me it would be a whole lot easier to nail longer boards horizonally.

Lighthouses are a thing here too.

The thing that puzzles me most are the private marinas and private canals just carved right out of the shoreline. No way could you do that in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

These docks don’t have aprons. It’s interesting how they are cantilevered out from the shore.

Lock E24 – Baldwinsville (up)

I rarely feel comfortable tossing a line to anyone on a dock. I’d feel comfortable tossing a line to anyone of these four people. Tammy, Mary, Dave and Dom!

We headed out for summer but got stopped up at the bridge to watch the fishermen. The fishermen were fishing the river about 20 feet below. They had a custom fish net, just the right length, to net the fish.

We ate supper at the B’ville Diner. Great food at a great price!


We told Dave and Mary good bye again. They decided to turn around and go out the Oswego Canal. An aqueduct broke up river on the Erie Canal and they draft too deep to continue on.
Superman was their boat Starlight’s original owner. She was custom built for Christopher Reeves before he had his equestrian accident.


The New York State Canal System (formerly known as the New York State Barge Canal) is a successor to the Erie Canal and other canals within New York. Currently, the 525-mile system is composed of the Erie Canal, the Oswego Canal, the Cayuga–Seneca Canal, and the Champlain Canal. In 2014 the system was listed as a national historic district on the National Register of Historic Places in its entirety, and in 2016 it was designated a National Historic Landmark.

The Erie Canal connects the Hudson River to Lake Erie; the Cayuga–Seneca Canal connects Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake to the Erie Canal; the Oswego Canal connects the Erie Canal to Lake Ontario; and the Champlain Canal connects the Hudson River to Lake Champlain.

Current status and elevation

Drolleries and Yuks

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