“The Ditch” Chasing the Good Life

“The Ditch” Chasing the Good Life

October 13, 2018 Saturday    Midway Marina, Fulton MS, Tenn-Tom Waterway mile 393.8 to Blue Bluff Recreational Area, Aberdeen, MS  Tenn-Tom Waterway mile 358.1    33 nautical miles

33°50’16.8″N 88°31’45.0″W
33.837996, -88.529169
Elevation: 190 feet (3 locks dropped 71 feet)

We can definitely feel the difference in the cupped props that were put on a couple days ago in Aqua Yacht Marina. Idle speed is much faster at 5.2 kts. Dale has had to adjust his docking and locking techniques so that we don’t come in too hot. The upper RPMs are about the same.

Midway Marina

Midway Marina mile 393.8, Fulton, MS – We are behind this boat GOOD LIFE – Blokes on this boat are from England
Midway Marina houseboat
Midway Marina houseboat
Midway Marina dock – Electrical
Midway Marina – Boat with homemade flying bridge
Midway Marina – Chris Craft Houseboat. Don’t know if I’ve never seen one before.
Midway Marina – Steve from GOOD LIFE
Midway Marina – Exit carefully

Canal section of “The Ditch” continued

Chasing the GOOD LIFE. We traveled with Looper boat GOOD LIFE down the river taking turns for who was in the lead.   The skipper of GOOD LIFE is a Brit. It was tough following him when he was in the lead as the lead does all the hailing. Between the Brit accent, the Southern barge captains and lock masters accents and the crackle in the VHS were plain lucky to figure out what was going on ……

I continued to be amazed at all the trees and tree stumps in the water outside of the dredged canal, to where water fills to the natural hillsides for shallow lakes.

Natural shore line – shallow lake – tree stumps
Natural shore line – shallow lake – tree and stumps
Natural shoreline
Levee side
Levee side


Cat fishing. Catfishing lines were tied to pop-bottle jugs, tree branches and noodles pieces.  When a fish was caught on one it bobbed all around.  The top picture has lines tied to trees and the lower picture has lines tied to noodles
Catfish lines – Tending lines


Look at the guy in the back of the boat. Dale made sure we passed slowly throwing as little wake as possible.

Entry into the River Section mile 366.3

At mile 366.3 we left the Canal Section of the Tenn-Tom Waterway and entered into the River Section.  When we hit the River Section the water depth dropped quite a bit as were back to part of a real river, the Tombigbee River. This section of “The Ditch” leverages parts of the Tombigbee River, other natural waterways and straightens out big ox bows. It became a little more populated and commercial.

Smell the freshly ground pine chips on the barge. Taking it on the 2 whistles.


We over nighted with GOOD LIFE on a free dock in Blue Bluff Recreational Area near Aberdeen, MS


The Locks – 3 in one day! Second day in a row.

Cookie cutter locks. They all look alike!!!!!!  Must have used the same blue print on all the locks in “The Ditch”. (You get pictures anyway)

Fulton Lock and Dam mile 391.0 – first lock of the day

Fulton Lock and Dam mile 391.0 – Entrance
Fulton Lock and Dam mile 391.0 – Spillway
Fulton Lock and Dam mile 391.0 – Dale on lines
Fulton Lock and Dam mile 391.0 – Life in the lock bollard
Fulton Lock and Dam mile 391.0 – Looking up from the lock bollard

Glover Wilkins Lock mile 376.3

Glover Wilkins Lock mile 376 – Entrance green light (permission to enter) and wind sock
Glover Wilkins Lock mile 376 – looking over the end

Amory Lock mile 371.1

Amory Lock mile 371.1 – Just when I said they all look alike there was a bridge over this one.
Amory Lock mile 371.1 – top
Amory Lock mile 371.1 – drop

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