What’s up with all the Bears?

What’s up with all the Bears?

23-APR-2021 Friday Galley Stores Marina, New Bern NC  (0 nautical miles  0 statute miles)

35°06’26.3″N 77°02’02.4″W
35.107292, -77.034002
Elevation: sea level
States (1): North Carolina

Along the Way

After a wonderful 10 hour night’s sleep (needed recovery from hard night on the hook) we wandered Historic New Bern.

What’s up with the bears?

Bears every where. What’s up with that?


yes dear… is one of the smaller boats in the marina today.


New Bern, North Carolina’s second oldest town, was settled in 1710 by Swiss and Palatine German immigrants led by Baron Christoph DeGraffenried. The new colonists named the settlement Bern, the capital of Switzerland and hometown of their leader. Bern means “bear” in German. The Bern’s bear symbol and flag, as well as the name was passed along to New Bern.

There are more than 50 fiberglass bears scattered around the city, all uniquely designed and decorated! Although there are bears in North Carolina, it’s highly unlikely that there are any real bears around New Bern.

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