A pirate looks at 70

A pirate looks at 70

13-APR-2021 Tuesday Little River Inlet, SC/NC State Line to Bald Head Island Marina, Cape Fear NC (34.0 nautical miles  39.1 statute miles)

33°52’37.0″N 77°59’59.8″W
33.876944, -77.999936
Elevation: sea level
States (2): South Carolina, North Carolina

Along the Way

Happy Birthday Dale!

After anchoring on the South Carolina/North Carolina state line and going to bed in North Carolina, we woke up in South Carolina courtesy of the outgoing tide.

We were off too

The ICW runs closer to the Atlantic here in North Carolina that is does in South Carolina and Georgia. The salt water marshes are not so vast.

We’ve seen a lot of Trump flags traveling up the Eastern seaboard. North Carolina was no exception.

You almost never see a Biden flag, but we did see one.

Our plan was to stay at Southport Marina but they are still recovering from hurricane Isaias last August. According to marina management, dock reconstruction costs are being passed onto marina slip holders because their boats had caused the catastrophic damage by being tied up to the docks during the hurricane, rather than being removed before the Category 1 storm’s arrival. Some boat owners received bills from the marina for over $20,000 to pay for the dock damage.

Crossing the Cape Fear River to Bald Head Island

Cars are not allowed on Bald Head Island. Everyone drives an electric vehicle to get around.

Bald Head Lighthouse, known as Old Baldy, is the oldest lighthouse still standing in North Carolina. It is the second of three lighthouses that have been built on Bald Head Island since the 19th century to help guide ships past the dangerous shoals at the mouth of the Cape Fear river.

The ferry from the island runs every hour from 7:30am until 11:30pm. yes dear… is rocked with each entry and exit.

We walked over to Jules’ Salty Grub & Island Pub. It’s the only place available to eat at on the island.

Good Night

yes dear… is in both of the pictures below:


The three colors of the North Carolina flag red, white, and blue mostly represent the colors of the flag of the United States. Blue represents vigilance, perseverance & justice; red represents hardiness and valor; white represents purity and innocence. The white star between the “N” and the “C” represents North Carolina being one of the original thirteen colonies.

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