What happens in Savannah stays in Savannah

What happens in Savannah stays in Savannah

08-APR-2021 Thursday Isle of Hope Marina, Isle of Hope GA (0 nautical miles  0 statute miles)

31°58’50.2″N 81°03’21.0″W
31.980612, -81.055823
Elevation: sea level
States (1): Georgia

Along the Way

Watching this tow bow bend the dredge pipe tow around the Skidaway River bends has to be one of the more amazing things I’ve seen on the Loop so far. The dredge pipe tow was easily over a quarter mile long.

We are living large today. We are not walking, biking scootering, or taking public transportation to our intended destination. Our Uber came to take us to Savannah ~ 8 miles. We had so go. I’ll assume the dredge made it through bend.

Everyone ordering an alcoholic beverage in Savannah is ID’d. Savannah has open containers laws. You can get your drink to go. No valid ID or and expired ID = No drink.

Everyone in their life time at some point needs to go to Savannah. What happens in Savannah stays in Savannah. I took a few pictures but you need to go experience it yourself.

Dale just sits on the bench and charges $20 for a picture. I paid Dale $20, ran over and asked a passerby to take our picture. I’m glad the passerby didn’t run off with my camera once I sat down for the picture. Neither neither Dale or I could have run fast enough to catch him.

Historic steps to the waterfront

But of course we had to sample cookies at Byrd’s Famous Cookie Company. https://www.byrdcookiecompany.com/ They had about a dozen flavors. We sampled most of them 🙂

We bought 2 bags of cookies.

After 3:00pm the city looked like there was no such thing as COVID. Every tourist around was out on the town. Tour trolleys and tour boats were packed.

If you want to catch COVID go in a candy store or stop at an ice cream store. The Savannah Candy Kitchen https://www.savannahcandy.com/ is the red awning expanding across the three buildings below. It was too crowded so we didn’t go in.

Leopold’s ice cream is a Savannah tradition. https://www.leopoldsicecream.com/ It had a line down the block. We didn’t stop here either.

Good Night

The undead are quite alive in Savannah. There must be over 2 dozen ghost tour companies. Many establishments and homes claim apparitions, ghosts and poltergeists. Then there’s the cemeteries ….

Savannah is one of America’s most haunted cities. It has carried dark secrets since its beginnings when it was built upon Native American burial grounds. Waves of tragic and violent events—bloody skirmishes, slavery, epidemics and hurricanes—have seemingly left an active population of the undead.

Supposedly ghosts are afraid to cross water. I’m good with life on a boat.


Stalemate in their war with the Americans in the north and concern over French attacks against British-held Caribbean islands caused the British to focus on securing American colonies in the south. The Siege of Savannah (September 23 to October 18, 1779) was a failed attempt by American and French forces to retake the port city from its British occupiers. The significance of the conflict was that it was the beginning of the British push in the South. The British won, and remained in control of Savannah, a city of economic importance.

Siege of Savannah was one of the costliest battles of the Revolutionary War in terms of casualties.

George Washington captured the below bronze cannons and gifted them to the Chatham Artillery after his visit to Savannah in 1791 (after the Revolutionary War ended). Of English and French make, they are excellent examples of the art of ordnance manufacture.

Nauti Words

Prop Walk (Propeller Walk):
Prop walk, the tendency of a turning propeller to push a boat’s stern sideways. Prop walk can be your biggest ally when docking or maneuvering in small spaces. Conversely, it can be a real problem it you don’t understand it. The direction of the prop walk is determined on whether you have a right hand prop or a left hand prop. yes dear … has two screws (i.e. two propellers). One prop is designed to turn clockwise and the other designed to turn counter clockwise. Props on some multi-screw boats turn the same direction.

Drolleries and Yuks

What do ghosts serve for dessert?
~ I Scream.

Why are Ghosts banned from Liquor Stores?
~Because they always steal the Boos!

Why are ghosts such bad liars?
~You can see right through them.

What do you call the ghost of a chicken?
~A poultry-geist.

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