Time to wrap it up and go

Time to wrap it up and go

26-31 JAN-2021 Tuesday-Sunday – John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo FL (0 nautical miles 0 statute miles)

25°07’26.3″N 80°24’24.6″W
25.123967, -80.406837
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

It’s funny that when I was in the working world I drank coffee daily from the same, seldom washed cup. In the retirement world I use a clean cup every day and scrub it hard in between uses when I wash dishes.

Along the Way

We leave tomorrow morning at first light. Time to wrap up our stay here at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. A few final pictures ….

A couple of pictures from our dives. Our dive master Andrew Lonzo took these pictures.

It’s in the eyes. Scorpionfish’s eyes look like black holes, dead and lifeless. They don’t reflect any light like like a walleye’s eyes do, lobster do and some of the other species of fish.

The camouflage on scorpion fish varies. The fish is not a hunter but rather lies in wait to ambush small fish and crustaceans. It’s large mouth creates a vacuum to quickly suck in and swallow prey during a nearly imperceptible split-second movement.

Our divemaster guide used a tickle stick to nudge one so we could see the surprisingly beautiful pectoral fins.

The scorpionfish family (Scorpaenidae) includes many of the world’s most venomous species, including the lion fish. Scorpionfish have a type of “sting” in the form of sharp spines coated with venomous mucus. A scorpion fish sting causes intense pain and swelling at the site of the sting. Swelling can spread and affect an entire arm or leg within minutes.

Had I know this in advance I might not have gotten as close as I did to look at the several scorpionfish we saw.

A couple of murals

The guy below has already, almost fallen in the water trying to get off the mini kayak. His bumm was hanging in the water a couple of seconds ago. Zoom in on the girl laughing in the below picture. She saw it too.

Florida Man

MIAMI (Reuters) – A Florida man walked into a convenience store with a live alligator and tried to trade it for a 12-pack of beer, according to wildlife authorities who cited him with illegally capturing the animal.

It was unclear why the man thought the clerk at the Santa Ana Market in Miami would accept the 4-foot (1.2-meter) reptile as payment.

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