Watching the Weather

Watching the Weather

17-JAN-2021 Sunday – Stock Island Marina, Stock Island FL to SW side of Long Key, FL (54.3 nautical miles 62.5 statute miles)

24°48’38.1″N 80°49’00.7″W
24.810590, -80.816856
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

Yesterday was our last day in Key West. We had planned to leave tomorrow, January 18. It will take two days to get to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park State on Key Largo, ~87 nautical miles. The weather and wind for today and tomorrow is significantly better than tomorrow and the next day. We decided to leave a day early.

Last Evening Out

We spent our last evening at Stock Island Marina with Looper friends Carla and Paul (boat September) starting with a short walk to one of our favorite restaurants Hogfish Grill. Walk abouts are always interesting

Matt’s Kitchen in Perry Hotel at Stock Island Marina was supposed to have some of the best key lime in Key West. We had not yet stopped into the restaurant to check it out. It became a must do for our last night at the marina.

We had key lime pie martinis and key lime pie. Hands down the key lime pie martini knocked all my key lime pies research out of the water.

We didn’t need to spot marine life with our flashlight on our last evening. They had come out to tell us good bye! This big guy was walking across the parking lot. I picked him up in my jacket and carried him to the dock edges.

Before We Left

Before we could leave today we needed to make one last run to DeLuna’s for Cuban coffee and breakfast, and to tell Janet, the barista, and several of her regulars goodbye. We are really going to miss Janet and DeLuna’s.

Along the Way

Once we dropped anchor we had to take out The Mooch. While we were at Stock Island Marina Dale had replaced its sticking 4 horse power carburetor with a new 6 horse power carburetor. For a little more that $150 we had a new souped up screaming machine. (not really but it was fasters)

By nightfall there wasn’t even a ripple on the water.

🙁 No sunset either due to cloud cover.

Drolleries and Yuks

Why didn’t the Sun go to college?
– Because it already had a million degrees!

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