We’ve been busy

We’ve been busy

23-30 DEC-2020 Wednesday to Wednesday – Stock Island Marina, Stock Island FL (0 nautical miles 0 statute miles)

24°33’54.4″N 81°44’16.7″W Stock Island Marina, Stock Island FL
24.565116, -81.737974
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

We’ve been busy. Too busy to blog as it interferes with my afternoon nap and painting my nails 😉 I’m foregoing my afternoon nap so here’s a thumbnail version.

Along the Way

Woo Woo! Emily and Sarah arrived Tuesday, Dec 22. We’ve been wandering around the marina and Key West. I love the free shuttle from the Perry Hotel.

Sloppy Joe’s and Captain Tony’s

The building at 428 Greene Street was built in 1852 and has gone through several incarnations. It started as an ice house getting it’s supply from ships sailing up and down the Atlantic Coast, and as the only frigid place on the island, it was also the city morgue.

During prohibition, Josie “Sloppy Joe” Russell, a local entrepreneur and one of Hemingway’s cronies, took out a lease on the building with hopes for the end of the drinking ban in near sight. Sure enough, in 1933, Sloppy Joe’s bar was opened and it was here that Ernest Hemingway spent many of his evenings from 1933 to 1937.

In 1938, the building’s landlord raised the rent by a dollar a week, and Russell retaliated. He marched up the street and secured a lease for 201 Duval Street where Sloppy Joe’s bar still stands today. The story goes that the bar patrons picked up their stools, their cocktails, and the liquor bottles, and walked the few short steps across Duval Street to the new Sloppy Joe’s location. Not a drop was spilled!

The 428 Greene Street location went through more several incarnations until 1958, when Captain Tony Taracino, a well-known ladies man and local charter boat captain, purchased the building in 1958 and naming the saloon Captain Tony’s after himself.

Captain Tony’s is where Jimmy Buffett got his start in Key West. Buffett played Capt. Tony’s in the early ’70s, and was often paid in tequila. Buffett immortalized the bar, and Tarracino himself, in his song “Last Mango in Paris”.

In the 1980s, renovations of Captain Tony’s Saloon were underway when construction workers found the bones of about a dozen bodies under the flooring. They also unearthed a gravestone for a young woman named Elvira, which remains on the floor of the billiard room.

And then there is Reba. Reba Sawyer was buried in the Key West cemetery after she died in 1950. The story goes her husband later found letters that exposed an affair between his wife and another man. They had their trysts at Captain Tony’s Saloon. The husband was so enraged that he dragged his cheating wife’s gravestone from the cemetery into the bar shouting, “Here is where she wanted to be. Here is where she will stay.”

Yet for us to discover another day is the below place below. It offers a little something for everyone. Bottom ups… The Bull on bottom, the Whistle Bar in the middle and the Garden of Eden (clothing optional) on top. I’ve heard there is free body painting if you’re optional in the Garden of Eden. We haven’t been to any of these… yet.

The ‘I love you drinks’ kicked in….. I think they were the Fat Tuesday slushies.

I took the below picture in case it was needed for future reference.

After the family bonding outing, the girls have been wandering the streets of Key West (specifically Duval Street, the Wharf and Mallory Square unsupervised while Dale and I have stepped through the city walking Emily’s dogs.

We’ve stepped the west end and the hotel shuttle has driven us through the other areas.

Of course I always seem to find the local cemetery.

This hotel had a great tuxedo boutique with awesome hand painted tuxedo shirts.

Meanwhile back at the marina

M5 pulled into port on Monday, December 21. She is the largest single mast sloop ever built with a 254.6 foot length, 48.6 foot beam and a 290 foot mast. Just for reference, yes dear… is a 45 foot long boat. M5’s beam is wider than yes dear… is long. yes dear… would fit cross wise on the beam of M5! M5’s mast, about 10 feet shorter than the pitch (length) of a hockey field, is topped with a red light as any structure that exceeds 200 feet above ground level needs to be marked (lighted) according to FAA/ICAO Regulations.

M5 is privately owned by Rodney Ray Lewis. He is founder, president, and chief executive officer of Lewis Energy, an oil and natural gas drilling company based in Texas with a net worth around $1.5 billion.

Today’s new boat line up.

M5 was kicked out of port today. She had sought permission to be at Stock Island Marina for ‘a few days’ but has over stayed her welcome. She has been here for ten days. The Navy stopped by and told her she had to leave. While M5 has been here the Navy and the Airforce have been rerouting their aircrafts. This morning before she left all incoming air craft buzzed her mast.

M5 is on her way to Alaska. Her mast is too tall for her to cross the Panama Canal so she has to round Chile’s Tierra del Fuego archipelago.

Winner of this years Ugly Sweater Contest

Merry Christmas to all in true Florida style!

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