I totally get Jimmy Buffet

I totally get Jimmy Buffet

13-15 DEC-2020 Sun-Tue Stock Island Marina, Stock Island FL (0 nautical miles 0 statute miles)

24°33’54.4″N 81°44’16.7″W Stock Island Marina, Stock Island FL
24.565116, -81.737974
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

Along the Way

We took the free shuttle to Key West. It drops you off at the A&B Lobster House, a Key West icon.

I always have to first check out the water.

We loved the below shop. However, nothing in it would fit in our house. The owner said “Go ahead and take pictures”. So I did.

Last night we sat in one of the Stock Island Marina/Perry Hotel pools and watched Elf on big screen TV.

I totally get Jimmy Buffet. I’m on a mai tai diet. So far I’ve lost 3 days.


The lowest temperature on record in the Florida Keys is 41°F. While walking around Key West an iguana fell out of tree and almost landed on me. They say that happens when it gets cold. It was 81 degrees. I’d have gotten hurt if it landed on me as it made quite a smack when it hit the pavement.

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