Life at Sea

Life at Sea

09-12  DEC-2020 Wed-Sat
Marathon Marina and Boatyard, Marathon FL  
to SE side of Summerland Key, FL (27.5 nautical miles 31.7 statute miles)
to Stock Island Marina, Stock Island FL (23.3 nautical miles 26.8 statute miles)

24°33’54.4″N 81°44’16.7″W Stock Island Marina, Stock Island FL
24.565116, -81.737974
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

Along the Way

Dale fished along the way

The waves were a little to rolling for me to leave the helm to take any more pictures. yes dear… turned beam side to the waves when not actively piloted and it all goes to hell in the helm when that happens.

Then there were the crab traps and lobster traps we had to look out for.

Heading into SE side of Summerland Key, FL anchorage
24°38’13.4″N 81°26’15.4″W 
24.637064, -81.437607

We got an opportunity to see what a lobster trap looks like up close in the water. A little too close. A lobster trap line snagged on yes dears… rudder. It looked like it was trying to waterski on its line behind us. When we stopped it sunk. We tried all the tricks and couldn’t shake the lobster trap free. Thank goodness the line wasn’t in the props. We flagged down a lobster fishing boat down and he told us to simply cut the line. I snagged the line with the boat hook and Dale pulled it in. After carefully removing the three lobsters and returning them to the water, Dale cut the line close to the boat and tossed everything back into the water. The line cleared itself of the rudder and we were off. Life at sea.

Coming into Stock Island Marina

It was just like the old days at Ashland Marina, WI! Everyone on dock came to catch a line and the lockmaster himself came too.

Stock Island Marina

The Perry Hotel has an orchid garden.


Stock Island was the former home of the Islander Drive-In Theater, which was popularized by Jimmy Buffett’s hit song Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit. When the “Islander” first opened on Stock Island in February 1953, it had the largest screen in the state of Florida. It had parking for 600 cars and opened with “The Cimarron Kid” starring Audie Murphy and Yvette Dugay.

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