One of us didn’t want to anchor in the rain or wind

One of us didn’t want to anchor in the rain or wind

06-08 DEC 2020 Sunday/Monday – Marathon Marina and Boatyard, Marathon FL  (0 nautical miles 0 statute miles)

24°42’13.3″N 81°06’42.7″W
24.703693, -81.111846
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Floridana

Still Here

The rain quit but the wind hasn’t. We are still here at Marathon Marina.

Our original thought was two nights, which turned into three nights and then four. We are planning to stay tomorrow night too and that will make 5. In reality I don’t think Marathon is all that interesting. I’m reasonably certain we’ll go on the hook after that until Saturday when we check into Stock Island Marina for a month.

Along the Way

Coast Guard station off US Highway 1. I loved the day marks at the entrance. Red-Right-Returning.

I’m a bit spoiled. It’s hard for me to look at some beaches and get excited. Sombrero Beach is a pretty little beach but too crowded.

A lot of locals live in Boot Key Harbor

The bikes and scooters have been fun for exploring except for the time I fell off my bike. It shook me up more than anything. I did get a sizeable bump on my head. (Yes, no helmet) The choice was to either bike over to the clinic and get checked out -or- stop at the dive bar we were in front of for a few minutes until the little birdies circling my head flew off. The dive bar won.

Good choice. The dive bar had the most amazing black velvet picture of Elvis I’ve ever seen. Elvis himself would have approved of the 4 foot by 6 foot painting!

The weather has been so cruddy we haven’t seen a sunset or a green flash.


There are a lot of LARGE vessels in the marina going in and out. They all have thrusters; bow, stern or both. Thrusters sound like elephants mating. There are elephants mating at all hours of the day and night.

Checking out Relentless at the end of the dock. I’m sure she’s a charter but I couldn’t find any info on her.

M/V Wild Child and her matching camo dinghy are privately owned. The owner must be coming in as the crew was practicing dropping the dingy and they took it over for fuel. She’s for sale at  $1,795,000.

Nice Leopard 51 motor cat with hot tub on the bow. New they cost $1,500,000. A 2014 for $567,747 is a real bargain.

Look at the freeboard on the bow of this boat! I beat it is at least 10 feet. The boat’s from Nova Scotia.

Good Night

It’s cold tonight. We are about as far south in Florida as we can go and we might have to turn the heater on tonight!

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