04-DEC-2020 Friday – Everglades Isle Marina, Everglade City FL to Little Shark River, Everglades Park FL (41.6 nautical miles 47.9 statute miles)

25°19’44.0″N 81°08’47.9″W
25.328879, -81.146637
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

Along the Way

It’s leaving time. Off on leg one of the one stop hop to the Florida Key.

Minnesota white pelican RV parks

Little Shark River

The is more diversity in the trees here at Little Shark River that there was at Everglade City. The mangroves have not completely cannibalized this area like they have near Everglade City. Neither Dale or I trusted The Mooch’s motor so we decide not to take the dinghy out 🙁

Total tranquility except for the ongoing bickering amongst the avians.

Good Night


Out here in the middle of no where, off the grid, we were on full alert all night for the skunk ape. The skunk ape is Florida’s Bigfoot. It is named for its appearance and unpleasant odor. The skunk ape has been a part of Florida folklore since the settler period. Seminole myth speaks of a similar foul-smelling, physically powerful, and secretive creature called Esti Capcaki, a name which roughly translates as “cannibal giant”.

Little Shark River anchorage

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