Wait! Wait! There’s more!

Wait! Wait! There’s more!

03-DEC-2020 Thursday – Everglades Isle Marina, Everglade City FL (0 nautical miles 0 statute miles)

25°52’03.1″N 81°23’05.7″W
25.867515, -81.384914
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

Along the Way

Wait! Wait! There’s more to Everglade City that we haven’t seen?

Then there’s the historic Rod and Gun Club. It has the feel of Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone and The Lodge at Yosemite. Built in 1864, the Rod and Gun has counted a few U.S. presidents amongst its guests including Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Truman and Nixon. It was originally built for fur trading between the Indians and the white men. It’s definitely a remnant of old Florida.

Picking up supper at Grimm’s Stone Crab. Only the claw is harvested.

Yew! Your hands smell liked fish!

Dale’s had a phenomenal few days fishing of the dock catching mostly tarpon and snook.

The fight

The finish

Bedtime stories

We visited with John and Bobby, two delightful RV park residents who owned their own RV lot. From them we learned that several of the RVs in the park were worth $2,000,000. Yes, my zeros are correct. $2,000,000. To bad it was dark or I’d of had pictures! Here’s a couple of links to some of the ones we saw in the park.
Newell https://www.newellcoach.com/
Volkner https://www.startupselfie.net/2020/04/19/volkner-mobil-performance-s-luxury-motorhome-with-garage/

I was surprised at how many companies there were that make these luxurious luxury motor coaches. It’s more than just these two!


The Florida stone crab loses its limbs easily to escape from predators or tight spaces, but their limbs will grow back. When a claw is broken such that the diaphragm at the body/claw joint is left intact, the wound will quickly heal itself and very little blood is lost. Each time the crab molts, the new claw grows larger.

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