30-NOV-2020 Monday –  White Horse Key, Dismal Key Pass, Cape Romano Ten Thousand Islands Aquatic Preserve north of Everglade City FL to Everglades Isle Marina, Everglade City FL (16.5 nautical miles 18.0 statute miles)

25°52’03.1″N 81°23’05.7″W
25.867515, -81.384914
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

Good Morning

The weather came up sooner than projected so we took off for Everglade City.

Along the Way

The storm was all around us, but fortunately not on us. We had wind and some light rain. Waves were running 2-3 feet with an occasional 4+.

Dale hates ANY wave over 6 inches

I was at the helm.

Indian Pass. There were lots of birds sitting out the weather.

There is a large bay between the small islands and Everglade City.

The Everglades Ilse Marina and RV Park is a high end luxury RV park. White RVs ARE NOT permitted to stay here. They also have to be under 10 years old. They do let 25 year old white boats stay here.

Welcome signs at the clubhouse.

Good Night

It rained for the off and mostly on the rest of the day. We briefly wandered out in search of food.

Today was not a 10. Interesting, but not a 10.

We might be here for a few days due to the wind.

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