Spending time with The Mooch

Spending time with The Mooch

28-NOV-2020 Saturday – San Carlos Bay, Sanibel FL to Rookery Channel, Rookery Bay south of Naples FL (36.9 nautical miles 42.5 statute miles)

26°02’31.6″N 81°46’09.4″W
26.042123, -81.769267
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

Good Morning

We woke a little too early travel as it was still a little too dark (6:00AM).  The water was totally still and the entire Milky Way Galaxy was reflected in the water.

The TV was flipped on as we made coffee.

Along the Way

A dolphin made lazy circles around yes dear… as we pulled the anchor.

Crossing under the west end of the Sanibel Causeway Bridge

Entering Gordon Pass into Naples

We were pretty happy to duck into Rookery Channel where we planned to anchor. It was pretty quiet and out of the way.

But of course we needed to explore.

The Mooch is back. She’s purring along in perfect pitch. She braved the crazies and hit the beach.

After a 6,903 step beach walk we took The Mooch to Rookery Bay.

We were going to take The Mooch for one last run to look for the green flash but decided against it to do to the all the crazies.

It’s not a Good Night for some people

A police boat hoovered around the entrance to the Rookery Channel and the ICW.  I think its main purpose was to slow the crazies down as evening set it in. It stopped a couple of boats. For certain one of the boats was an alcohol related stop. We could hear screaming and yelling all the way to where we were anchored. I suspect swearing and demanding your rights doesn’t get you very far when stopped by a police boat.

Today was another 10.

Two things I really don’t understand…

I really don’t understand how come I have never seen a baby pelican and I can’t find baby Fighting Conch shells. I have found baby Queen Conch shells in the Bahamas so I know some conchs have baby babies. Still, I’m beginning to thinking pelicans and Fighting Conchs are born full sized.

This is the smallest Fighting Conch I could find and it’s still no baby.

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