Inglorious bastards

Inglorious bastards

27-NOV-2020 Friday – Pelican Bay, Cayo Costa St Park FL  to San Carlos Bay, Sanibel FL (18.3 nautical miles 21.1 statute miles)

26°27’43.8″N 82°05’16.1″W
26.462174, -82.087802
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

‘Dis of the Day’

First Place: Thanks for the wake you inglorious bastard!

Second Place: Buy a cellphone you inglorious bastard!  (i.e. get off the hailing channel VHF 16)

Good Bye to Cayo Costa

Last look at Pelican Bay from the south end.

Key to Cabbage Key

We were at Cabbage Key two years ago on our last Loop. Cabbage Key Marina is where Dale had the ‘toe incident’ and we had to leave town in a hurry. Keeping the long story short, we took off without returning the bathroom key. It got returned today.

We figured the small Cabbage Key Marina and restaurant would be busy, being Black Friday and all. We opted to anchor yes dear…  on the other side and take The Mooch (a.k.a. the dingy dinghy) into the marina.

It’s tough enough when yes dear… gets hit with a 4 foot beam wake; but it’s a whole new game when The Mooch gets hit. (Our dingy dinghy’s name is The Mooch).  I knew the The Mooch could take the wave but I thought for sure Dale and I would be popped out and swimming. Thanks for the wake all you inglorious bastards!

The restaurant waiting list was long for parties of four or more. Us as a party of two, immediate seating. The staff has turned over since we were last here. I didn’t see a single worker over 65. Last time I didn’t see a single worker under 65.

There’s about $100,000 on the walls and ceilings in the restaurant. Each year about $15,000 falls off (or a section gets cleaned off), collected and donated to a local charity.

The final event was to drop off the key.

The Mooch was pinned into shore when we returned to her to leave. We had to pick her up and drag her to another location where we could just squeeze her through.

Back on our way

As soon as we dropped the anchor we dropped The Mooch and headed off to explore Tarpon Bay. Tarpon Bay is part of J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge. It is completely surrounded by mangroves and there are about 5 mangrove islands in the middle. It seems that every pelican in the area must roost on them at night.

Good night


Inglorious bastards pirates Lafitte, Blackbeard, Black Caesar, and Gasparilla are all said to have and made camps on Sanibel and Captiva.

Gasparilla (Jose Gaspar) was a pirate for 38 years and attacked more than 400 ships in the Gulf. His main camp was located near Charlotte Harbor, which is Ft. Myers today. He took women from wealthy families and held them captive for ransom on the island of Captiva in the late 1700s/early 1800s, which is how Captiva got its name.

Drolleries and Yuks

Why don’t pirates shower before they walk the plank?
~ Because they’ll just wash up on shore later.

Why is pirating so addictive?
~ They say once ye lose yer first hand, ye get hooked!

Where does a pirate by a hook?
~ At the second hand store.

What has 8 legs, 8 arms, and 8 eyes?
~ 8 pirates.

What do ye call a pirate with two eyes and two legs?
~ A rookie.

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