Happy Thanksgiving from the Cayo Costa Shadow People

Happy Thanksgiving from the Cayo Costa Shadow People

26-NOV-2020 Thursday – Pelican Bay, Cayo Costa St Park FL  (0 nautical miles 0 statute miles)

26°41’00.5″N 82°14’27.8″W
26.683476, -82.241054
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

The morning did not start well.

Ugh! There were still problems with the dingy dinghy motor. Dale ripped apart the carburetor again. The float was still sticking.

Yeah! It is now working perfectly. Perfectly enough to take it to the park.

Mary’s Happy Place

I love Cayo Costa. I bet I said that in yesterday’s blog too. We got to the key about 10:30AM and took the free trolley to the coast side. The ride is a little under a mile long. Not a far walk but it got us to the beach faster. We sat in the very last seat on the trolley.

Along the way

We did walk past the alligator pond just down from the camp grounds. There were a couple of BIG alligators but they were too far for pictures using my cell phone. Some idiot was paddle board in the pond. I’m sure he would make a great Thanksgiving meal for some alligator. I didn’t hang around to find out.

The Cayo Costa beach is about nine miles of untouched beaches. Natural Florida. About 2 dozen boats had pulled up to shore on on the Gulf side.

One group came with their fishing poles and fry pans. Thanksgiving dinner for them was fresh caught trout.

One of the shell trees

It was pretty buggy so we didn’t walk the interior of Cayo Costa this time. We did on our last visit. We followed the trolley path back to the dock. It too was a little buggy. Florida au naturale.

Meanwhile back in Pelican Bay…. I counted 47 boats anchored out for the night! There were probably at least that many day trip boats as well.

Through out the late afternoon the smell of turkey and laughter wafted through the air. About 4:30 PM we took the dingy out for a pre-sun set cruise. We followed dolphins fishing along the shore, saw manatees, rays, birds and zillions of jumping fish. When the sun set at 5:36 PM conch shell horns and boat horns sounded the end of the day.

Good Night

Happy Thanksgiving from the Cayo Costa Shadow People

Today was a 10.

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