Mary’s Happy Place

Mary’s Happy Place

24-NOV-2020 Wednesday – Blackburn Bay, Casey Key FL – Pelican Bay, Cayo Costa St Park FL  (33.8 nautical miles 44.1 statute miles)

26°41’00.5″N 82°14’27.8″W
26.683476, -82.241054
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

Along the Way

These people kindly let us anchor in front of their mansions last night. Fair the well to the neighbors. Bye Bye.

If you are wondering why the pictures are so dark, I misread the distance we wanted to travel today. I thought we had a 60nm run not a 34nm run.  I made Dale get up before sunrise and get moving.

Cape Haze ferries across a very narrow channel. In a highly synchronized they both pull out spin around and re-dock. Cars pull straight on to the ferries but have to back off. The key side has a lot of golf cart sitting in the parking lot. I suppose for people who don’t want to bring their car.

I always wondered how the mangroves were trimmed. I hope there’s no snakes.

Pelican dives. You can kinda make out a body or foot.

There were some pretty good sized waves crossing Charlette Bay to Cayo Costa.

Today’s special feature is Small Boats

We made it to Pelican Bay on the east side of Cayo Costa Key shortly before. Cayo Costa Key is my Happy Place. I love it here. Unfortunately we had dingy dinghy motor problems AGAIN. Dale spent his afternoon working on the dingy motor.

Dale got the motor running about 4:30PM. His theory is that the float isn’t working quite right. We decided it was too late to go over to the key. I’m OK with that. I can still see the dock and it’s really nice sitting here on yes dear. Tomorrow we will be there early!

The only way you can get to Cayo Costa is private boat or $huttle $ervice from Captiva Island. (Adult $40 round trip) One of the $huttles is parked at the dock in the picture above.

There are 28 boats here in Pelican Bay anchorage for the night.

The conch horns blew at sunset and we were serenaded by a woeful bagpipe.


On the 7:00 PM local new Floridians were asked to slow down for Thanksgiving. Police on I75 issued 64 tickets for vehicles speeding 95 to 150 mph in a two hour duration!

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