Holiday Drivers

Holiday Drivers

23-NOV-2020 Tuesday – Twin Dolphin Marina, Bradenton FL to Blackburn Bay, Casey Key FL  (36.5 nautical miles 42.0 statute miles)

27°09’13.0″N 82°28’51.9″W
27.153613, -82.481094
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

Along the Way

We’re glad to leave this marina, Twin Dolphins Marina. They are a high-end marina without high end amenities. NO INTERNET unless you sit directly under it outside by the swimming pool.  Even there it was pretty iffy. We feel like the engine guys yesterday saved us $150 by being able to fix our motor in one day, so we didn’t have to spend two nights in the marina. Yup $150 a night. No tuck in chocolates or free coffee in the morning. Besides that, we were right under a busy bridge.

Andrew L we found a house for you.

Guy out walking his boat.  He should be able to follow the sandbar into shore. I wonder if he ran out of gas?

Low bridge. There’s a pretty hefty fine if they lift a bridge for you and you don’t really need it lifted.

Holiday week traffic. Everyone is out. Many of the boats were packed with people.

Last time we were through here the ‘dis’ was “Thanks for the wake asshole” or “If you wanted to plow, by a farm”. This year’s ‘dis’ is “Take a course!”

Florida alleys.

We’ve stayed in hotels smaller than these houses.

Pelican nap time

Some people actually had to work today.

Drolleries and Yuks

What do you get when a chicken lays eggs on top of a hill?
~ Egg rolls

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