A Fever

A Fever

22-NOV-2020 Sunday –St Pete Municipal Marina, St Pete FL  to Desoto Point, Bradenton FL  (18.7 nautical miles 21.5 statute miles)

27°31’22.0″N 82°38’28.1″W
27.522763, -82.641151
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

Dale’s been telling me for the last 3-4 days “The wind is going to lie down. The wind is going to lie down. The wind is going to lie down. I’ve checked Windy. The wind is going to lie down.”

I suppose if you keep saying that long enough eventually the wind will lie down.  The wind laid down this morning. It was a great day for crossing Tampa Bay. Waves were under a 6 inches.

Heading into the Sunshine

There WAS sunshine immediately after we crossed under the bridge!

This was marked as a fishing location so, of course, we needed to stop.

My first though was that I was running yes dear aground! It looked like rocks!

There were several ‘fevers’ of rays in this fishing location. Each fever easily numbered well over 50 rays. (A group of rays is called a fever.)

The best radio hail I heard today was some guy asking to be ‘waked’. His boat was stuck on a sandbar and needed assistance to roll off. LOL.


Our anchorage is just off a main thoroughfare. It was a road race until the sun settled. It is Sunday night of Thanksgiving week so it really wasn’t unexpected. It’s going to be a busy on-the-water week.


The Sunshine Skyway Bridge, at 4.1 miles long and 19 stories high, is the western hemisphere’s largest suspension bridge. The Travel Channel ranked it number 3 as one of “The 10 Best Bridges of the World.”

Because of the high number of suicides attempted from the Sunshine Skyway, the State of Florida installed six crisis hotline phones along the center span of the bridge.

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