Courigan’s Irish Pub

Courigan’s Irish Pub

21-NOV-2020 Saturday – St Pete Municipal Marina, St Pete FL     (0 nautical miles 0 statute miles)

27°46’05.2″N 82°37’41.8″W
27.768111, -82.628272
Elevation: Sea Level
States (1): Florida

Along the Way

First on our agenda was the St Pete’s Farmers Market. We were just where we wanted to be. Ground zero. Right there in downtown St Pete for the farmers’ market and the Dali Museum. We were feeling pretty smug about not having to pay $5.00 for parking to come to this farmers’ market until we remembered we paid $106 for our boat slip.

We bought a little of everything, but not everything.

The last thing I needed on yes dear… was an expensive pottery bowl.  I bought one anyway. The artist is holding the one I bought.

Half the fun of a farmers’ market or art festival is the people.

Dali Museum!!!!

The Dali Museum had a new exhibit grand opening today and was all sold out for the next few days. ☹ We’ve been there before and had wanted to go back. I guess we will have to do it another trip. This is a MUST DO if you have never been there before.

We rode the free Jolly Trolley to escape the drizzling rains. Turns out we’d already walked most of the route yesterday, and more.


Propane canister motor. It uses a propane can just like your Coleman lantern or grill. Dale says they’ve been around for a while but I have seen one. Just attach the can and away you go. (There is no can in the motor picture below, but you can see where it goes.)

Look at ALL the junk piled on this boat. It’s truly junk. Are marina fees cheaper than storage fees? Interestingly, there are two pedestal plant urns with live flowers blooming in them.

Next time were are in the ‘Burg ….

I want to go to Hellview Cemetery. Dang. I didn’t find out about it until tonight. Early natives said it was near a “Gateway to Shadow,” believing that the Hellview Cemetery area was a portal for evil.

Courigan’s Irish Pub

Today’s blog (and yesterday’s) was brought to you from Courigan’s Irish Pub. The marina does not have internet and Courigan’s Irish Pub is the closest place with internet we could walk to. All for the price of 3 on tap Guinness and a hors devour.

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