Down by the Bay

Down by the Bay

11-NOV-2020 Wednesday – Okatuppa Creek, Womak Hill, AL (~TBW 123.3) to Mobile Bay Fairhope Docks Marina, Fairhope AL     (60.1 nautical miles 69.2 statute miles)

30°32’33.2″N 87°54’11.0″W
30.542562, -87.903067
Elevation: 0 feet
Total Elevation Change: -3 foot

Locks (0)
States (1): Alabama

Good Morning

My day started with a good laugh. We ran the generator so we could catch the weather on TV. LOL We tuned into Alabama’s Wheel of Fugitives. One big spin and the lucky person becomes the fugitive of the week for the officers to focus on.

Along the Way

Another bleak weather day.

Barry Steel Plant statute mile 30. It right in the middle of an ox bow.

Trigger Happy. I took a lot of pictures.

The changing landscapes and varied vegetation heading down river into the bayou and on to Mobile.

Mobile AL

I wanted to stay here on the free wall near the convention center. Dale wanted to stay at a marina in Fairhope. I let him win one. We kept going.

Naval Shipyard

Past the container shipyard and into Mobile Bay.

Fairhope Docks Marina

A shrimp boat was unloading. I bought 3 pounds of white Atlantic shrimp.

A scooter run to the grocery store.

Good Night

We went with the Hoppin’ John with the shrimp. I have to say it was the best shrimp I’ve ever eaten. It was flavorful and very tender.


Drolleries and Yuks

“Officer, how did the hacker escape?”
“I don’t know. He just ransomeware.”

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