One more dam to do and if the lock will let us through

One more dam to do and if the lock will let us through

10-NOV-2020 Tuesday – Okatuppa Creek, Womak Hill, AL (~TBW 123.3) to Alabama River Cutoff, Malcolm, AL (~TBW 53.0)   61.7 nautical miles 71.0 statute miles)

31°11’23.6″N 87°56’27.4″W
31.189882, -87.940936
Elevation: 3 feet
Total Elevation Change: -33 foot

Locks (1): Tombigbee-Black Warrior Waterway Mile 116.6, Coffeeville Lock and Dam
States (1): Alabama

Along the Way

But of course! Top of the morning. It’s a barge.

Bobby’s Fish Camp. The only marina on the lower section of the Tombigbee-Black Warrior Waterway.

One more dam to do and if the lock will let us through. The Coffeeville Lock had a work crew working on it.  We had a little over an hour wait before we could lock down. Guess we move to anchorage target B. We won’t make our targeted anchorage at mile 17.

No more locks till we get to New York! We are now in tidal water.

The landscape looks very much like yesterday’s landscape, but probably worse. It has been ravaged by the river.

I would venture to say that for every in-location buoy there is at least 1-2 out of location buoys, most of them in log jams on the banks.  This is the one that perplexed me the most. 20 feet up in the tree.

Lovers Leap mile 98


It misted the better part of the day. We ran with the side window open and the center window closed.

A case of the bends. Ox bow switch backs with too much regularity.  The Tombigbee Black Warrior Waterway is not ‘canalized’ like the Tenn-Tom Waterway was.

Today’s run was 71 statue miles on the river! (41 statue miles as the crow flies)

Good Night


Spooky huh? There were lots of owls conversing too. The smell of pine in the air reminded me of a good gin.


Alabama’s own rocket scientist Lonnie Johnson invented the Super Soaker. The Super Soaker was released in 1989 and still remains one of today’s top-selling toys.

Drolleries and Yuk

Why do bananas need sunscreen?
Because they peel.

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