A Mighty River Roared Through Here

A Mighty River Roared Through Here

09-NOV-2020 Monday – Kingfisher Bay Marina, Demopolis AL (~BTW 216.9)  to Okatuppa Creek, Womak Hill, AL (~TBW 123.3)    81.5 nautical miles 93.8 statute miles)

31°49’26.9″N 88°10’53.6″W
31.824149, -88.181547
Elevation: 36 feet
Total Elevation Change: -37 foot

Locks (1): Tombigbee-Black Warrior Waterway Mile 213.3 Demopolis Lock and Dam
States (1): Alabama – Choctaw County

Along the Way

Leaving Demopolis

Demopolis Lock and Dam – our first of two locks on the Tombigbee-Black Warrior Waterway

Nope. Not a greeting committee. They are opportunists. I should have had my telephoto but it’s pretty hard to swap out lenses when you are locking.

Strike 1

Strike 2

Strike 3

Locking is hard work. Right Dale?

Demopolis Rapids. Hence the lock and dam.

Along the Way

We see a lot of tows with this interesting configuration. The center barge is not as far forward as the two on the sides.

Definitely, a mighty river roared through here. All the banks are ravaged. Downed trees and bank slides. The impacts of hurricanes Sally and Zeta. Absolutely incredible.

Ox bows are so twisted you have to go north to go south

We traveled 93 statue miles on the river today. (53 statue miles as the crow flies!)

I saw a ‘provisional alligator’ today while Dale was downstairs in the salon. A real alligator sighting needs to be verified by both parties.

Good Night

We anchored in Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge.

We still haven’t picked up a running buddy.


Mary Anderson, born in Greene County, Alabama, is credited with the invention of windshield wipers. She was granted the patent for her invention in 1903. She never made any money from her invention because people believed the windshield wipers would be a distraction. In 1922, Cadillac became the first car manufacturer to adopt them as standard equipment. Interestingly enough, they’re now standard on all vehicles.

Drolleries and Yuk

Why was 7 afraid of 8?
Because 7, ate 9.

Why was 5 afraid of 7?
Because 6, 7 ate.

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