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08-NOV-2020 Sunday – Kingfisher Bay Marina, Demopolis AL (~BTW 216.9)    0 nautical miles (0 statute miles)

32°31’50.7″N 87°50’31.1″W
32.530755, -87.841969
Elevation: 73 feet
Total Elevation Change: 0 foot

Locks (0):
States (1): Alabama

6:00 PM Today Decision

The weather pattern in the Gulf is is established enough we feel we can once again start moving south. We leave at first light (i.e. whenever we wake up) and head towards Mobile.

Along the way

Demopolis has the cleanest boats in the whole loop. Everyone who stops at this marina cleans their boat. And then recleans their boat. Then cleans their boat again. The town is soooo small there is nothing to do and no place to walk or ride bikes. There are only two restaurants in town. Neither is open on Sundays.

yes dear … is in bristol condition.

Boats that don’t get cleaned and recleaned end up at the Bone Yard.

Someone is building pontoons. Guess this marina is a cradle to grave marina.

Dale pulled his drone out for a half an hour today.

Drolleries and Yuks

What tastes better than it smells?
Your tongue

Back in the game tomorrow…….

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