Sit this one out

Sit this one out

03-NOV-2020 Tuesday – Kingfisher Bay Marina, Demopolis AL (~BTW 216.9)    0 nautical miles (0 statute miles)

32°31’50.7″N 87°50’31.1″W
32.530755, -87.841969
Elevation: 73 feet
Total Elevation Change: 0 foot

Locks (0):
States (1): Alabama

We are going to sit this one out for a while

‘Windy’ is the hurricane model we are watching. There are others. Eta doesn’t look like much of a threat today through next Saturday.

Here’s where we get concerned. Eta is projected to rebuild, smack Cuba, trounce the Keys then hang in the middle of the Gulf building strength for a couple of days.

Nov 16th is the furthest the model project out to at the moment. Dale called our good friend Charlie McVey to get his take on the hurricane. Living down here, he’s got a lot more experience with hurricanes that we do. He agreed we should just sit it out for a while. Heck. We are retired. The thing that unnerved me was that Charlie said “If Eta looks like it will be coming in towards Demopolis as a Class 4 or Class 5 hurricane, get out of there and run north.”

We’ll just enjoy Demopolis a while longer. Even if we continued on to Carrabelle FL we still couldn’t cross. The weather is too unsettled.

I’m taking a sabbatical from blogging for a couple of days.

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