Lake Whiskers

Lake Whiskers

31-OCT-2020 Saturday – Fulton Lock Anchorage, Fulton MS (~TTR mile 391)  to Columbus MI (~TTR mile 315)   68.2 nautical miles (78.5 statute miles)

33°19’01.2″N 88°19’07.3″W
33.317012, -88.318695
Elevation: 136 feet
Total Elevation Change: -133 feet

Locks (5):
Tenn-Tom Waterway Mile 391.0, Fulton Lock and Dam
Tenn-Tom Waterway Mile 376.3,  Glover Wilkins Lock
Tenn-Tom Waterway Mile 371.1,  Amory Lock
Tenn-Tom Waterway Mile 357.5, Aberdeen Lock
Tenn-Tom Waterway Mile 334.7, John Stennis Lock

States (1): Mississippi

Along the Way

Right up front. Real close… Suck in your ears!!
The lock doors barely cleared opening up.

Only 8 more locks to go!

Did you notice anything different?

It was still 41 degrees when I crawled out of bed this morning. Thank goodness Dale ‘mans up’ every morning and starts the generator, heat and coffee before I have to crawl out.

We are still running the Canal Section (a.k.a. Chain of Lakes Section). The river was rerouted between a dike and a natural hill, creating small lakes.

River Whiskers and 6 o’clock shadows on the natural side of the water

Water was so calm today we were truly pleasure boating.

We binge watched Queen’s Gambit on Netflix when we were at Aqua Marina. This can reminded me of a Rook.

Glover Wilkins Lock. I don’t intend to take pictures of every lock. IT just happens.

Still too far north for alligators but there is other wildlife.

The River Section starts at the bottom of the Amory Lock.

Just down river from the Amory Lock was the Maxx B. Guaranteed there wasn’t a good vibe on that boat today. Two of Maxx B’s barges sunk mid-channel two days ago and he’s waiting for equipment to get up here to clear them out. 

Barge traffic on the Tenn-Tom Waterways has ground to a halt. Pleasure boats have a short enough draft to clear the sunken barges.
The Maxx B is the same tow the Lock Master at Jamie Whitten Lock chewed out for not responding to our hailing a couple of days ago.

This section of the river had lots of catfish lines last Loop through. None this time. It did have a couple of fishermen.

Mulch plant

Mountains and mountains of mulch

The River Section uses portions of the river. Basically they took the river, and straightened it out by chopping off the ox bows.

Plants on the south side door of the Aberdeen Lock

John Stennis Lock


Our neighbors have palm trees!

We didn’t get any Trick or Treaters

Good Night

Halloween Blue Moon

Drolleries and Yuks

Why is a ghost such a messy eater?
-Because it’s always goblin!

Why do ghosts make good cheerleaders?
-Because they have a lot of spirit!

What’s a pumpkin’s favorite sport?

What’s a vampire’s least favorite meal?
-A steak!

Why do ghosts love to ride on elevators all the time when they are not out scaring people?
-It helps to RAISE their spirits!

Where do monsters buy the cookies each year when they crave sweets?
-From the GHOUL Scouts!

So what do you get when you cross a very strict school teacher and a vampire?
-Lots and lots of blood tests!

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