Golden Friends

Golden Friends

29-OCT-2020 Thursday – Aqua Marina, Iuka MS (~TTR mile 449)  0 nautical miles (0 statute miles)

34°59’30.3″N 88°14’58.4″W
34.991746, -88.249568
Elevation: 409 feet
Total Elevation Change: 0 feet

Locks (0):
States (1): Mississippi

Along the Way

I ran out between the rain drops to take a few pictures of the marina. They have a great boat yard where a lot of people haul out and have their bottom painted.

Aqua Marina is a very large marina.

Dock Life on Dock E, the dock we are on.

What a Great Night

What a great night with friends Robyn and Charlie McVey. They too are Gold Loopers. We met Robyn and Charlie on our last Loop. True southern hospitality. They invited us for supper and to watch the AGLCA sponsored presentation “Crossing the Gulf”.


Mississippi is “Where the Flowers Healed a Nation”
On April 25, 1866, about a year after the Civil War ended, the ladies in Columbus MS decorated the Confederate and Unions soldiers’ graves with flowers in Friendship Cemetery. As a direct result of this kind gesture, Americans celebrate what has come to be called Memorial Day each year, an annual observance of recognition of war dead.

Mississippi is a Shoe-In
In the year 1884, Phil Gilbert’s Shoe Parlor, located in Vicksburg, was the first place ever to sell shoes in pairs and in boxes.

Still have your first teddy bear?
Thank Theodore Roosevelt. On a hunting expedition in 1902 in Sharkey County, President Roosevelt refused to shoot a captured bear, an act which resulted in the creation of the teddy bear.

Drolleries and Yuks

I told my teddy bear it was cute.
It plushed.

Why couldn’t the Teddy bear finish his birthday cake?
Because he was already stuffed…

How did the Space Teddy Bear cross the road?

What do teddy bears eat for Thanksgiving?

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