Running from the Weather

Running from the Weather

26-OCT-2020 Monday – Panther Bay, Dover TN (~TR mile 60.2)  to Kelleys Island, Mount Caramel TN (~TR mile 143)     35.3 nautical miles (40.6 statute miles)

35°31’31.9″N 87°58’41.7″W
35.525520, -87.978261
Elevation: 359 feet
Total Elevation Change: 7 feet

Locks (0)
States (2):  Kentucky, Tennessee

Good Morning!

Heading south. Running from the weather.

Along the Way

Remains of the Louisville and Nashville (L&N) railroad bridge and the Old Danville transfer elevator.

Before Looping, if anyone would have tried to convince me traveling around the USA at 10mph was fun I’d have looked at them like they were crazy.

Exactly where does the Kentucky Lake end???? At some point the Kentucky Lake becomes a river, though technically …. Technically we still have 93 statute miles to go to the Pickwick Dam where the charts say it ends.

I say the Kentucky Lake becomes a river here at mile 112, about 5 miles north of I-40. It starts looking like a river.

Fools. You should be looking across the river the other way.

This section reminded me of the upper St Croix River between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The Locals

Good Night!

River Rats 107 – Anchor Bridle

Anchors and chains can put a lot of stress on the bow pulpit. To alleviate the stress a lot of boaters us use an anchor bridle. It moves the stress point from a single location at the bow to bow cleat locations that are better suited to handle the stress. An additional benefit is that there is more give in a rope anchor bridle than a chain.

Our anchor bridle is simply a rope with a shackle attached to hook.

Anchor bridle in the ready position tied to a cleat on each side the bow and looped above the bow pulpit.

Anchor has been dropped and the hook grasps a chain link. Extra chain is released between the hooked chain and the boat to help prevent the hook from releasing/bouncing loose in heavy waves.

One big tug and it’s set.

The orange marking on the chain in the picture above is a 20 foot marker. Our chain is marked every 20 feet so we can tell how much we let out each time we anchor. We typically anchor with a 5:1 scope.

length of anchor rode/chain = 5 x (depth up water + height above water to bow pulpit)

Shorts stops in nice weather we’ll toss a 3:1 scope and in bad weather a 7:1 scope.

For the Foodies

Cotton candy was invented in Nashville, TN in 1897 by candy makers William Morrison and John C. Wharton.

Mountain Dew was invented in Knoxville, Tennessee. The neon soft drink was originally developed by brothers Ally and Barney Hartman as a mixer, something to cut the acrid taste of homemade moonshine.

The Moon Pie was invented by the Chattanooga Bakery. It all began in 1917 when a KY coal miner asked a traveling salesman for a snack “as big as the moon”. The bakery delivered the moon. It was filling, fit in the lunch pail and the coal miners loved it.

Drolleries and Yuks

Did you hear about the new $5 million dollar Tennessee State Lottery?
The winner gets $5 for a million years.

Did you hear that they have raised the minimum drinking age in Tennessee to 32?
It seems they want to keep alcohol out of the high schools.

Smile 😊

What’s the most popular pick up line in Tennessee?
Nice tooth!

Where was the toothbrush invented?
Tennessee. If it had been invented anywhere else, it would have been called a teeth brush.

Why are there so many unsolved murders in Tennessee?
There are no dental records and everyone has the same DNA

What do they call reruns of “Hee Haw” in Tennessee?

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