Not Even the Turtles are Out

Not Even the Turtles are Out

24-OCT-2020 Saturday – Green Turtle Bay, Grand Rivers KY (~Cumberland River/Lake Barkley mile 372)  0 nautical miles (~ statute miles)

37°00’27.0″N 88°13’35.8″W
37.007489, -88.226605
Elevation: 352 feet
Total Elevation Change: +50 feet

Locks (0)
States (1):  Kentucky

Good Morning

It’s a cold morning. Not even the turtles were out.

We decided to hang around another day.

Along the Way

It never hurts to pick up a few more groceries. We bought this..

Not this …….

As long as we were in town we decided to stay for lunch at Patti’s 1880’s Settlement. It was a 45 minute wait so we walked around.

You can tell a slow day when I post meal pictures.

My pork chop was awesome but I was too full for dessert.

Loopers! First contact! We helped Lucky Dog into the slip. Everyone stood around to way hi then we all went our separate ways. Too cold and too rainy. Antares Star is from Hudson, WI. Both Lucky Dog and Antares Star are staying here for five days. Us? We are heading south.

The heck with the cold and drizzle…..

We ventured out to the Thirsty Turtle for a night cap.

For the Foodies

• Kentucky Fried Chicken really does come from Kentucky too! The first KFC, owned and operated by the real Colonel Sanders, is still running in Corbin, Kentucky.
• Kentucky legend says that the very first cheeseburger was served at Kaolin’s restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky in 1934. (But a restaurant in Denver patented it a year later.)
• Beer cheese dip is a culinary delight that originated in Clark County, Kentucky. It was first served in the 1940s at a restaurant called Johnny Allman’s.
• Bibb lettuce was first cultivated in Kentucky by Jack Bibb in the late 19th century. It is also called limestone lettuce, from the limestone in the Kentucky soil where it was first grown.
• Bourbon whiskey is named for Bourbon County, Kentucky, where it was first made in the late 18th century.

and then there’s mint julips, bourbon balls, derby pie, hot brown, burgoo and so much more.

The state drink is milk and the state fruit is black berries.

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